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Chris' on S Center
You can turn in nominations if you want. We look for color, design and interesting themes. It also needs to be visible from the street, so people don't have to peek through fences to see it. If the pe + 200 more characters
Here is a link that tells you how to store the buds for up to a month later: url
I went to the LO for one year and then a new school was built and named Mizpah, I went through 8th grade there. It closed after my younger cousins and a few neighbor kids started high school, because + 74 more characters
Unique Creations is open after 5.
Thank you, Gene for all of your updates! Hope everyone joins us for a fun time at the parade and then the park.
Mary Elizabeth's information is in the Star tonight in the Entertainment section. Be sure to check out all the happenings and join us for a great time.
I saw the notice in the Star and would like to extend my condolences. I also plan on getting a print version of the book for both Scott and Ward (they don't either one have a kindle). Lynne Weischedel
Verlin and Bernadette Miller are the contacts. I will let them know that you are asking.
Just until after Thanksgiving! Turkeys take up a lot of freezer room.
Tomorrow night at 7PM!
The Custer County Food Bank is part of the Montana Food Bank Network also.
From Mollie Phipps' site on facebook: "Hoofin' it for Hunger is a 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 5k & 10k organized by the Custer-Fallon County Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers and USDA-ARS Fort Keogh LARR + 196 more characters
Diane, The fire at Mooncreek started in Custer County and is now in Rosebud County and is supposed to be under control.
There is also a fire at Mooncreek, started in Custer County and is now in Rosebud County and another fire at Knowlton.
Call Stabler's they may take them.
Happy Birthday Amorette!!
Gene, Happy Birthday!!
I appreciate it also!!
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