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Scott, I understand completely, except the houses aren't worth what people want for them. Then you have to sink in a lot of money in it to make it liveable. Then you have to look at down the road and + 486 more characters
Eric, I would say you are paying way too much for that rental. Not worth the money to me. I would start looking around. It's kind of like the housing market right now, there is nothing in the 150,000 + 471 more characters
I have a picture on my phone sent from someone at my husbands work with the bear on someones front patio. So yes, this is true. Apparently there has been a bear sited out at 12 mile as well. Isn't Mil + 125 more characters
First of Julieinmc.... I never said anything about the service and people who work there. I mentioned a lack of stock and new things coming in. I know a lot of people who work there and I like them al + 44 more characters
I just have to vent. Now that we have Wal Mart and other stores have closed since they have came into Miles City I have noticed how little Wal Mart has to offer us consumers. They never get any new cl + 745 more characters
I think it would be great to have better and more playground equipment at the schools. For instance, Highland Park I feel has the worst selection. No wonder the kids on the playground either get in to + 45 more characters
Shannon, that was my fifth grade class. I guy by the name of Eric Zimmerman did that. He loved to torture her. She did not like us. Soon after that year I think she retired.
My favorite teacher(s) from Lincoln school were my third grade teacher Ms. Bender and my sixth grade teach Mrs. Holland. I had really great experiences in both of those classes. Nothing but good memor + 4 more characters
I am personally going to enjoy the Bull Riding on Friday night. It's always good to see people I haven't seen in a while and I actually enjoy going to the races on Sunday afternoon. My son will be in + 238 more characters
I am sorry to say that my son will not be coming Friday night. His dad decided not to go so he is going to stay with his dad. Thanks so much for offering this service, I am sure a lot of people apprec + 8 more characters
Does anyone know what's going on with Burlap & Lace on Main Street? I have tried to go there the last two weeks and they are always closed. This is during the day around 1:00 p.m. Are they closing?
By the way, I am one of the parent's who wanted to bring my child to you guys that night. If you could please just send the packet to PHYCF c/o Tracy Pask 4 N. Haynes Ave. MC, MT 59301 That would be g + 13 more characters
The meals aren't that great at the Stagecoach and everytime I have eaten there the service is awfull. I don't like getting scowls from my waitress. Also, they are really slow. I hope the Rib and Chop + 70 more characters
Mary my prayers are with the family and child.
Yeah like in Arizona as well. When I lived there we went to a couple of the Diamondback games, yes the ballpark is nice, but the people there are rude too. You always get some loud or drunk person in + 233 more characters
We are only a week in.... don't worry too much yet. It will be a great season though. I am a true Boston Red Sox fan but the Toronto Blue Jays already are looking good. I would watch out for them.
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Recently I had a package sent to me through Fed Ex, I wasn't at my house when the driver came to drop it off. Because I had to sign for it she couldn't leave it at my door. But this nice person, by th + 258 more characters
Why does there have to be so many haters out there! LOL
Whatever.... The Boston Red Sox and their fans ROCK!
That was part of the problem, but they lost the actual interview tapes and taped confession, it's only on paper. Plus Barry Beach said that the investigators coerced him into admitting the murder.
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