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ok thank you ill try
does anyone know somebody that teaches in mc
UNICEF 14 years ago
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Who do I contact to set up a UNICEF project here in Miles City?
Who do I contact to set up a UNICEF project here in Miles City?
looking for some people to play magic. plz post if u play and where, when, and if we can play some time.
What are all the places i can work at at 14 years old. plz tell me
i have not gone yet i am going tomorrow
I will do pretty much any job. i wont complain at all. I'll do what you need me to do. I'm ok with scraping paint. I'm also 14 years old.
Trying to earn some money to help pay my parents back and so I can buy stuff for my room instead of asking them for money all of the time. If you have any ideas call me at 851-1994.
No but you can play almost any kind of game. It is pretty fun there. They have pretty good prices on their stuff too. They have 4 or 5 tables with 4 chairs each there too.
someone post u maggots
hes not misspelling intentional. he really does have a spelling problem. i know because i hang out with. he does know jennifer lee also.
seriously though the reward for winning is $100-$200
by the way i could type correctly if i wanted to. i just do it this way to make it quicker. OK!!!!!
The tournament reward for winning is $100.
any yugioh people wanna duel on msn? send me an email
i will be holding a yugioh tournament at the public library. send me an email if you are interested. [email protected]
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