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I met Ray backstage when the radio station I worked for in Seattle brought him to town. We teased him because he went from "honkytonk" to "Countrypolitan" (with an orchestra). But I really liked most + 55 more characters
OW, Richard...that hurt!! OHHH!
Hope you are having a GREAT BIRTHDAY.....from all of us who really care!!! Thanks for everything!
Richard, you beat me to it. My first thought, when I saw the heading of "Bluegrass Jam," was...Is it good, what does it TASTE like?
During Riverside Park's Open Mike announcements at our Festivities, the WINNING ENTRIES and their prizes for competitions were: BEST OF SHOW BIKE CONTEST: 1st Place - Jacob Hurr, a bicycle helmet don + 1075 more characters
Thanks, Jeri, very kind of you. Hope you've had a great time today, we of the committee certainly have! Thanks to everyone who has made this successful annual event possible!! Thanks to you, Tucker! + 61 more characters
OK! HERE WE GO, the LAST post before today's events!! HEY! The United Methodist Church Youth Group will be giving the first 200 people who arrive on Main Street for the Parade a large American flag to + 1954 more characters
Right you are, Tucker!! And we miss you folks every year since you "upped" and moved away. However, there comes a time when definite needs push us in other directions in life. And I think of you folks + 1215 more characters
Here we are, less than three days away from OUR BIG July 4th Celebration and things are looking great! As of this morning we had twenty-nine entries, some with multi-elements involved! But still not + 1708 more characters
The Parade begins at 11:00am sharp. For those participating in the Parade, meet at the Convent at 10;00am for line-up. The Parade ends at Riverside Park where all THAT excitement begins!
Thank you, Lynne. Another hard worker who helps make this all happen!! If you received tonight's (June 28th) Miles City Star, you'll see the nice ads on Page 7 which makes you want to BE THERE more an + 2170 more characters
HEAR-YE! HEAR-YE! Do you realize that in just a SMIDGEON over one week THE 4th of JULY WILL BE HERE? WOW, we're on a TIME EXPRESS and will pulling into The 10th Annual PEOPLE's PARADE with that deer-i + 2471 more characters
Yes, it's ME again, with great enthusiasm about our PEOPLE'S PARADE and the abundant activities over at Riverside Park on the 4th! A bit more this time for those of you who just might be thinking of d + 2046 more characters
'ALLO-'ALLO again! As our multi-events begin falling into place, the whole process takes a great number of folks to make it happen each year, and we appreciate those who enjoy making it all possible! + 1835 more characters
In yesterday's snippet I'd mentioned cotton candy as being one of the elements of our 4th of July celebration. And it takes the fine volunteers of Community Baptist Church who are continuing to bring + 1356 more characters
Tucker: Seems to me you helped start this wonderful event a decade ago! And we all miss you folks, too!! I sure am sorry I missed you during our other big event, the Bucking Horse Sale. Especially k + 1543 more characters
JMD and All: SO AM I!!! I'm certainly ordering the great weather we've had for the previous PEOPLES PARADES! Don't you feel the excitement welling from within? I know I DO! Last year showed us how muc + 780 more characters
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