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I say they made their bed, now they should all have to lay in it. If it snows, oh well. If it's cold, oh well. If someone hits Roger Gooddell in the back of the head with an ice ball for all the dumb + 144 more characters
It has been decided. Offense against defense. #1 vs. #1 The veteran goes against the up and comer. Neutral field, neutral crowd (maybe?), weather for the first outdoor Super Bowl? Thoughts? Prediction + 2 more characters
"We have pretty much stopped eating at places in Miles City. the only sure thing we get is disappointment." Signed, Someone from Glendive/Sidney or any other hate Miles City town Sweet! Sounds like a + 284 more characters
If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you! If you can't see Chuck Norris, you're seconds away from death!
Hmmmmm 12 NILLION views on Youtube. Is there maybe some advertisements associated with said video? Maybe a link or two on the same page as the "supposed" video? Maybe the so-called conspiracy is reall + 113 more characters
I'm thinking if we weren't a society of booger heads who can't seem to undersrand to keep our booger hooks off of the trigger, then we wouldn't feel so obligated by the bunch of booger eaters that lea + 133 more characters
Wow 20 years down the road and I had Mr. Trenka AND Mr. Swanson. I had a Mrs. Wilson for Study Hall who was rumored to have been there from around the time the school was built. I'm not sure what yea + 81 more characters
Intersting that D.C. doesn't show as widespread yet. It's probably because they have a hard time determining who's actually spewing forth crap, and who's just a politician!
It wasn't too hard to see that Champ needed help on Torrey Smith. Champ is still a great cover corner but he by no means has the legs to keep up with Torrey one on one. I'm betting even he is willing + 1244 more characters
I like to keep it simple. The fried chicken at Airport Inn. It's just not the same trip home without it.
On a side note, you forgot Windows 9, 10, and possibly 11 unless they change it to Front Windows
I did like seeing Tebow as the holder on the field goal. Gives an added twist of adding the fake to it! The Jets should try and trade for "Fatboy Janikowski" from the Raiders. Are they kicking a 60 yd + 63 more characters
I genreally get to see the entire length of the East side of Wyoming seversl times a year traveling from Colorado back to Miles City to visit. Cheyenne to Gillette? My buddy at work calls it "God's co + 322 more characters
Now THAT'S funny Richard!!
Seems to me a multi billion dollar industry could afford to put the best of everything out there on the field for the fan base that makes them a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR INDUSATRY! Any Seahawks fan that's + 304 more characters
Well then I definatly choose to be politically ignorant and am damn proud of it! I've watched "politics" go on for a good number of years now and still to this day come to the same conclusion I came t + 804 more characters
After watching the game tonight I think I'll stick with "Oh, I think he'll be alright!" He's not the biggest, he's not the fastest, and he's not the strongest, but he's still damn sure the smartest pl + 226 more characters
I can relate to the hotdog scenario. I watched the Nathan's hotdog eating contest on ESPN and it made me feel very very afraid! That's just sick and wrong Joey Chestnut!
Saying someone is an idiot because they pick the Cowboys to go to the Superbowl is kind of har... kind of mea... kind of.....ummm ok!
Yankees/Red Sox Broncos/Raiders Miles City/Glendive.... It's just one of those natural you can't like em both things!
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