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if someone wants to set up a booth who would they need to contact?
I need some Ideas about where to hold our meetings so I can contact people and set up a meeting date. But all the other stuff id almost done!
I will be starting an all breed club
I am working on starting a kennel club I am just getting all the papers and information ready. Is any body interested? I have to figure out what breed or if I can do an all breed still.
yes a meeting would be awesome!! I have someone I can contact that will help us get started and tell us what we need to do and I am going to call him later today. I have a park that is not used in min + 138 more characters
who would we contact to start a dog park? instead of just talking about it lets get things going to get one. How about a donation can in the vet clinics, maybe a fundraiser in the spring, we will nee + 153 more characters
yeah they test them about once a year!!
Does anyone know the regulations for having sheep in your yard? I am just curious!!
why would anyone want one as a pet anyway? The should be banned from being household pets!! Also why would anyone release it here they cann't survive here its too cold for them and if they harm a pers + 156 more characters
Thank you!!!! I really would like to loose weight after I have my baby so I thought I would start looking thank you so much!!!
Are there any good Gyms that are open to the public? Or are they just the high school and college?
There is Horse Rescue facility in Roundup. You can contact them and I bet they will be able to help you!!! Here is there information! I hope everything works out!! Sar Shalom Stables 908 4th St West R + 94 more characters
Dr. Stevens did not leave for good she had some family issues and will be back they just don't know when yet!!
there is a park that nobody uses over on roosevelt I think it would make a great dog park it out of the way from traffic and its huge!!!! I definately think we need a dog park!!!!
My Grandma got this ugly puke green bird house as a white elephant gift for christmas and the next day I was so excited to open my birthday/christmas gifts until I opened the bird house. well it would + 120 more characters
this place is Vananda we pass it every time we go check on our horses. And I believe that the other place you are talking about is Ingomar and yes people still do live there and the bank looking thing + 363 more characters
Hi, I know some people who have told me that where they live has apartments open and they go off of your income you might want to give them a call sorry though I only have there Name and Address. I ho + 129 more characters
37.95.121 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS (3) Any pet or animal, present at the facility, indoors or outdoors, must be in good health, show no evidence of carrying disease, and be a friendly companion of the chil + 251 more characters
I do agree that this is a totally good question and that no house should be left abandonded.
Maybe at some point in their lives people that seem to care if you allow pets or not needed a place to rent and could not find one!!!!!! And maybe those people are simply stating that if rental owners + 150 more characters
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