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My guess "Ernie Strid" in care of Dixie Strid.
Does anyone have information on "Knudson's Tavern" in Cohagen Mont.? Have a 5 cent token from the tavern and would appreciate more info. Thanks!
Oh, I'm so sorry. I noticed the little flag by "from" and thought it was another state, just clicked on it and it says "Germany" and he lives in Montana....I am so sorry for my mistake. Enough is enou + 120 more characters
I have read each reply and mine was directed to only Gunnar.
So Gunnar if they would not have voted for Republicans this disaster won't have happened? Sounds like you think it depends on the "party" that is running this country being responsible for weather con + 461 more characters
My Mom was a beautician in the '60's and on a regular basis did one of the madam's hair. I remember her telling about how the madam kept a "clean house". Mom acquired one of the antique floral upholst + 79 more characters
Thanks Don! This is an awesome site. I found my long lost great grandfather's resting place. Thank you!
Richard, could you give the web site address for this active imagery fire map? Thank you, DJB
Yes, be sure to sand, clean and use a high quality primer before painting. When you get ready to paint buy high quality paint. Watch out for "reds" as they do not seem to cure (remain sticky) as other + 91 more characters
Leif, your right on the money concerning this matter. We are getting stomped on by our government as many other communities in our country. It makes no sense. I'm with you on not voting for anyone tha + 119 more characters
A great idea for the depot is in the order of what they did with the "roundhouse" in Lead, SD....part of it offers excellent dining, a gift shop and most of all a "living map" which displays the arriv + 352 more characters
I like "weather bug". Does anyone know about accessories for their Droid? Wondering about the docks which you can use to charge the battery...looks like there are two types, ones more for viewing vide + 257 more characters
All of you Miles Citians and surrounding people who care so much about the wonderful creatures who are our pets and friends (you've gone out of your way to help find "Shy") give yourselves a big pat o + 273 more characters
Cool to have found more out about the mystery barn and the brand and for once I was onto something. Brands are a lot of fun to read and figure out how to read them. I believe there use to be some Ulri + 89 more characters
If the "D" is actually a brand it might be more like a "JD".......the "D" seems to have a curved line beginning the "D". Just a thought. Awesome photo!
I understand how you feel. Dr. VanMarel was also our doctor and he is an awesome doctor. We were hoping to continue to have him as our doctor in Spearfish, SD but our insurance is not "in their networ + 106 more characters
There is a shortage of homes to rent. Why not look at the huge amount of homes for sale, there are over 60 listed with the real estate agents (Hardesty, Hometown, Mitchell,etc.) Owning your home has t + 781 more characters
Check St. Vincent 2nd hand store. Sometimes they have some really nice prom dresses, probably only worn once.
We are lucky to have an Albertsons. They have great produce, employ many wonderful people, has a nice clean atmosphere and gives us another choice of places to grocery shop. I think we all need to sup + 159 more characters
Rhonda is an awesome person, really sad to hear that this has happened to her, we are more than happy to donate. Is there anything else she needs? Clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. Thanks for shari + 72 more characters
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