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We found it. It ended up getting turned in to a different place than we were told. If you ever find a ribbon that is down, please take it to Carolyn's Embroidery, Miles City Veterinary Services or cal + 37 more characters
Hi there, We are missing a yellow ribbon that would have been located by the apartments near the corner of Main and Valley Drive. It had Kendall Rasch's name on it. We're making another one so he has + 245 more characters
Kinsey 4H for the Military is preparing to send packages to our deployed troops. Our e-mail and preferred method of contact is [email protected] . Please update your soldier's informati + 1180 more characters
We sent 34 packages to our deployed troops this morning!!!
Thursday evening the boxes are getting packed up and ready to go. Drop them off at Valley Drive Baptist Church tonight from 5-8pm or Carolyn's Embroidery today or tomorrow. Thanks!
Still need several more dozen. Thanks!
Hi there, Kinsey 4H for the Military is preparing to send packages to the deployed soldiers this week! We collected about 60 pounds of candy from Hogan Family Dental as well as reading materials and + 590 more characters
Anyone know where Shannon Tait's yellow ribbon is? It was located on about 5th and Main. Please respond here so the Kinsey 4H Club can deal with it. Thanks!
Deadline is coming up. Write, write, write and get your letters to a Kinsey 4H'er or drop off at Carolyn's Embroidery. Thank you!
Kinsey 4H for the Military to Send Letters to Troops Kinsey 4H for the Military is gearing up for a big letter writing campaign and we need your help! We want to challenge you, your children, your + 2109 more characters
Thanks, I was tired of fighting it!
Let's see if this link works...https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kinsey-4-H-for-the-Military/142947375753599
Hi there, Our 4H club has recently updated the yellow ribbons on Main Street in Miles City and we sent 38 boxes to our deployed troops yesterday (Saturday). We will do a collection again after the f + 855 more characters
Thanks, I'll look into it. We found Gundlach as well. I forgot to mention Sarah Hystad. She used to be married to Cameron. Anyone know her? Also, does anyone keep contact with John Frye or Robert Rode + 4 more characters
We are still trying to locate either these people or someone who knows these people. They are Walter Gundlach, Michael Rogers, Travis Jones, Kevin Zimmer, Michael Miller, Cody Watson, Joe Van Ham and + 336 more characters
Sarah Hystad is another one.
Our e-mail address is [email protected] because everything smaller having to do with We Support our Troops was taken. Please let us know current names and addresses of your friends and + 264 more characters
One of my husband's favorite questions to ask people, basically to get them to loosen up is, "What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you while eating a sandwich?"
You might try going to cooks.com or recipes.com. You can enter what sounds good and then decide if you can get the ingredients or something comparable. I use cooks.com all the time. We'll have somethi + 125 more characters
Here's something off the wall...We have such beautiful fruit and vegetables in this area. What about a cannery? Kids could make money in the summer picking buckets of crabapples and apricots, ie, keep + 208 more characters
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