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It is kinda nuts that the only reason Kate Bush is probably nominated is because of her song being featured heavily in the latest season of Stranger Things. My picks from that class are definitely... + 871 more characters
Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and dense forests. The villagers lived simple, peaceful lives, working hard and taking care of one another. + 1443 more characters
That will get it done.
SO what are you going to do about it?
In defense of the Republicans. Obamacare sucks.
Trump is certainly the ringleader here. His persona is one of ego and narcissism, and a character of that magnitude cannot just lose an election. Because then it destroys the entire illusion that he + 336 more characters
I am sorry for posting in here. I can admit when I am wrong, and I was wrong and I apologize for my incorrect views on society and I have successfully changed my mind and I agree whole-heartedly with + 407 more characters
Bridgier. I realize your question is rhetorical simply for you to put me down. However, I think everyone should be aware of what they are saying and implying with their words and to realize that what + 1554 more characters
You can call me Mike. We simply view the world through different lenses, so I fear that we will just end up talking right past each other. But I will still try. I simply don't see the world as good ag + 1314 more characters
I can explain it. You are thinking about it in a logical way instead of in a theatrical way. You need to first view it from the position of an act, or a stage play in which the politicians are playing + 1322 more characters
That is exactly how I took it. The way I understand what is being said is that if you are easily convinced of a lie than it is not the liars fault, instead it is your fault. If you are unable of simpl + 350 more characters
A quick note about the Fifth Amendment. Everyone has the right to not incriminate themselves, but things get a little weird when it comes to pardons. Since a pardon is a special privilege that prevent + 536 more characters
There is a real shortage of (sane) conservative voices on this website. I typically vote republican. I'm a veteran and am totally for strong foreign policy and small government. I think a trade war wi + 384 more characters
I grew up in Terry. It is a fantastic town and the people are amazing. I go back quite a bit to see my family. So we'll have to grab a beer together sometime!
This is some pretty awesome Miles City news! The biggest sporting event to ever hit Milestown is the subject of my first film titled "The Kid in the Cowtown" and it will be airing on KULR-8 on Saturd + 405 more characters
Thank you so much! I love Miles City. I guess I'm an expatriate now since I'm in Billings, although I was never native to there anyways. But still it feels like home for me, and the people are amazing + 96 more characters
I saw the Bison post and I was just trying to share the love for all of the local bars in Miles City. That's it. I swear, I haven't produced any other bar videos... yet.
A promo video for the Trails Inn
I'm kinda with you on the standing bar only. It is annoying when you have to fight through stools to order a drink.
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