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That is exactly how I took it. The way I understand what is being said is that if you are easily convinced of a lie than it is not the liars fault, instead it is your fault. If you are unable of simpl + 350 more characters
A quick note about the Fifth Amendment. Everyone has the right to not incriminate themselves, but things get a little weird when it comes to pardons. Since a pardon is a special privilege that prevent + 536 more characters
There is a real shortage of (sane) conservative voices on this website. I typically vote republican. I'm a veteran and am totally for strong foreign policy and small government. I think a trade war wi + 384 more characters
I grew up in Terry. It is a fantastic town and the people are amazing. I go back quite a bit to see my family. So we'll have to grab a beer together sometime!
This is some pretty awesome Miles City news! The biggest sporting event to ever hit Milestown is the subject of my first film titled "The Kid in the Cowtown" and it will be airing on KULR-8 on Saturd + 405 more characters
Thank you so much! I love Miles City. I guess I'm an expatriate now since I'm in Billings, although I was never native to there anyways. But still it feels like home for me, and the people are amazing + 96 more characters
I saw the Bison post and I was just trying to share the love for all of the local bars in Miles City. That's it. I swear, I haven't produced any other bar videos... yet.
A promo video for the Trails Inn
I'm kinda with you on the standing bar only. It is annoying when you have to fight through stools to order a drink.
Cool video showing off the Montana Bar in Miles City
Yeah I really disagree with your sentiment of the current Director. I have worked with him on many occasion's and I can always count him to get stuff done. I have heard some stuff about this HOF comin + 198 more characters
Yeah I left a lot of stuff out of the equation. I'm stoked to get this kind of response to this video, so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that took the time to watch it and also for all of + 25 more characters
Full disclosure, I have never listened to Luke Bryan, he is just a very big current country star. As far as all of the other stuff, I agree. I purposely left it all out to keep it simple. My main ide + 102 more characters
This is a music video that I filmed here over the most recent cold snap that we had. It was chilly and quite windy, but it was fun. There is a couple shots showing off the new band shell, and hopeful + 86 more characters
It looks absolutely beautiful, lot's of drone shots and some nice cinematography really showing off Montana. I really wanted to do a similar style series of films featuring Miles City and other Easter + 87 more characters
I think they are automated on the weekends. I know Don the Station Manager monitors but probably not every second. You might try Facebook messaging them next time there is an issue. For the most part + 130 more characters
You also get to see a bit of what Miles City looks like after the blizzard. [Edited by 9-0films (12/29/2016 8:50:15 AM)]
Normally I stay out of the political debates. I understand what you are going for Sam, the whole bait and then use whatever they say against them. I dated a girl like that once. The problem with your + 1246 more characters
I'm not getting into the political debate. However, as someone from Terry, I'm not sure at all why that is being used as an insult. Terry is a great town, and I love going home and seeing all of my fr + 255 more characters
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