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This is neither Europe nor a Christian nation. We are Americans, immigrants to this continent, some by choice and many by force, from all over the planet, including those tens of millions of Asian des + 594 more characters
Is the Interstate Highway System less safe than a two-lane road winding its way through a network of towns and throttling traffic between 25 mph and 65 mph? Is a tanker hauling 30,000 gallons of liqu + 1056 more characters
The Munsters were less dysfunctional.
Re: Diagonal Parking
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Rather than hijack the Downtown Survey thread, I thought I'd pickup the comment re: what's currently "missing" from downtown and offer comment that might prove useful to the downtown development effor + 2255 more characters
Yes, I heard this press release on YPR and the announcer understandably stumbled aloud as she read it; as if to say, "How is it possible to conclude that the fire was accidental if the cause remains u + 99 more characters
Consider me as one who, given that UnitedHealth Group just awarded its CEO a $66,130,000 bonus, enjoys the fact that they're asking for the rate hike rather than unilaterally demanding it of policyhol + 149 more characters
Yeah, well, the one sure thing is that you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. Wait, should roller skate be hyphenated, one word or two, or left to its own devices? No matter, those genius editors a + 520 more characters
The Soviet Union is dead. Che Guevara was executed. Fidel Castro is 88 and his brother, Raul, is 83. The threat of a Castro regime to U.S. security, to the degree that one was ever posed, is long sinc + 1167 more characters
I'm certain you're right.
No worries. I've been paying attention and watching you tie yourself up in rhetorical knots for some time. You're a soldier for capitalism right up to the point that capitalism demands an honest accou + 855 more characters
I enjoyed your opening message, Richard, and I agree with you. Thank you for spotlighting this most recent dubious decision by the mayor and the prevailing members of the city council. What has been + 897 more characters
FWIW, Tucker, you rarely disappoint. I regret not having a moment today to view the clip you posted earlier, although it's hard to imagine how it could have bested the example of your thoughts above. + 108 more characters
It was a fine Spring day so I ran an errand on the bicycle about 3 o'clock this afternoon. All was well until I reached Main St. near Strevell Ave. The parade of single-occupant vehicles rolled by for + 1966 more characters
I suppose it's no coincidence you wear the hat of a medicine show pitchman since you're trying to sell snake oil to people from the only state whose legislature once sold a seat on the U.S. Senate to + 4526 more characters
Right site, wrong data. Even though 527s aren't specifically the target of the legislation as suggested, the article you posted is dated from three elections ago. Among 527 individual contributors, Ge + 169 more characters
The senator is blowing smoke. I've read SB289 and nowhere does it prevent a Montana citizen from making a political contribution. url More importantly, when he argues for "liberty and privacy" absolut + 703 more characters
Writing off or blindly endorsing someone because of party affiliation is an absurd outcome of lazy thought. After all, in this case, it is clearly Republicans of good conscience who have been intimida + 659 more characters
I'm happy to see that we have a reporter for the Miles City Star among us. Do you suppose that the signing of a pledge by our state legislators to an out-of-state dark money group founded by the multi + 237 more characters
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