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Thanks to both of you!
I know I must have missed the times somewhere but what time do the polls open tomorrow for voting?
Dolly Hermosa? mmm...possibilities
I moved from CA to Montana 22 years ago...I was stumped the first time someone said "Jockey Box"...had to be explained to me...we called it a glove compartment. I asked them if they could fit gloves i + 309 more characters
Thanks Amorette Call me lazy! lol
http://whatcom.wsu.edu/ag/compost/Easywormbin.htm They have a great article on making your own composting bin for apartment (or Mobile Home) living! Happy Gardening!
Simply put...you just never know when that next someone is an angel...so be kinder than you have to be. Yeah, may be pap, but hey, it's the stuff that makes life sweet. Just be kinder than you have t
Can you tell me what age a child needs to be to join? Thank you
The best gift...loved all the treasures I received, but the BEST gift would have to be spending time with my little granddaughters...they truly are a gift. They think their Grammy is pretty cool, so I + 232 more characters
I consider elderly is Anyone who thinks they're old I'm just getting started!!
How long does the car show run? Thanks for the post!
I suppose I'll put my 2 bits in . I moved to Miles City 21 years ago with a husband, 2 small kids, a dog and a cat...lived on a small farm in the country for 11 years, then moved into town. Always wan + 771 more characters
What I enjoyed so much about the Stockgrowers parade was all of the wonderful long term ranchers who shared their heritage with us. Hats off to all the farmers and ranchers in our area. Hard working, + 275 more characters
Here is a shot from 30 minutes ago. It shows what is left of the Cellar as well as the building next door. There is still smoldering, with smoke and soot.
The next is looking toward Big Sky Pharmacy, + 685 more characters
A little known cut of meat (it seems) that is Wonderful BBq'd is Tri-Tip. It comes in a roast (about 2-3 lbs). There should be a small amount of "fat" left to help keep the meat tender, and just bar-b + 659 more characters
I think a HUGE Thank You needs to go out to Shannon Holmen who brainstormed this wonderful event. She conceived the idea and brought it to fruition. Thanks Shannon! My Granddaughters loved it! What a + 26 more characters
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