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Wow, that is something to be really proud of.... Maybe you will be invited to the high school as a motivational speaker.
I dropped out of CCDHS. Which was a mistake, and made me jump through more hoops then I normally would have. I am know in my second year of grad school, and actually much more successful then the majo + 568 more characters
I became a baseball fan when living out in Seattle, but it wasn't until I went to Fenway that I actually understood what it's like to really be a fan. In Seattle people leave the game during the 7th i + 188 more characters
Thank you Tracy! How many of you have actually experienced a game at Fenway? I think you should experience the excitement and gratitude of Boston fans before judging. Also please name one team that do + 108 more characters
Has there been any thought to starting a web page for donations? That way a lot more people could be reached?
Who do we make checks out to?
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