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Hawley was located at 4th and Main. The owner was Ina Olsen/Olson was a teacher at CCHS
I had just gotten home from school had changed my clothes and out the door for my bike when I heard the sound of the 38. Looking to the west I say it coming down a flat spin. Then it hit the water rig + 712 more characters
Wait until the shoe drops on "Zero Footprint" (no pun intended)
So stuck on my well-educated self and way above the lower crust. Fish/pond come to mind? Enough to gag a maggot of a gut pile.
Looks like Harry Reid's Son and the Chinese lost out on this one.
Fuzzystinker: What the hell does this picture have to do with the Travon Martin case? If you are suggesting that this is Martin, you are full of it. This has (pic) been passed around the web as an ima + 239 more characters
Wayne: I can assure that the pilot died. I watched as they put him in a body bag. Still remember seeing the tears in his flesh as they took him out of the boat. Actually could see into his stomach. De + 13 more characters
I did see this wreck first hand. I had just gotten out of school, went home,changed clothes, stepped out the front door and saw the P-38 coming down in a flat spin. When it hit I could see the firebal + 909 more characters
RE: a baby 10 years ago
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Hey Buck: Different strokes for different folks.
RE: a baby 10 years ago
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Sorry about the apostrophe. I will move my finger over one key. I am holding that finger up for you to see. Since you are so edcuated I am sure that you can figure which finger.
RE: a baby 10 years ago
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If I am the Daddy, Baby has the advantage because it knows who it's daddy is.
RE: a baby 10 years ago
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obama: Gives the liberals another ASS to kiss
As of now my wife and I pay a whole lot less than the figures being tossed around on this thread. What would happen in our case?
This is nothing new. Has Google come to mind? Snopes says false. Suprise, suprise. Even Stewart got in on this. This should not be a new thread?
Cheryl: Give it up. Most of the naysayers on here need a window pane in their stomach to see where they are going with their head up their A$$ anyway.
But the pigs win.
How friggen dumb. Of course conseption can be the result of rape. Would you murder the innocent because of the dispicable act of another? NO one with a consense could think like that.
Sharp-Coming from you thats a rich one. Missed your hidden message. But a nice recover on your part. Not to forget the cute cut and paste. If insurance companies were not for profit, I have an idea th + 69 more characters
I think that Howdy has hit on a good idea. Should include lawyers in this. Also get rid of medicare and medicade as the Govt. is one of the bigger insurance providers. Every one can pay there own way. + 483 more characters
From my figures Rehberg got 750,000 from big oil. Hillary 607,460 obama 1,376,728 from dirtyenergymoney.com Why don't you two stop wetting your pants over the small stuff, and brag about the great job + 29 more characters
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