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Here's a thought, if you didn't like the food/service then why not let the management know? I have known Brian since we were kids and he would be more than happy to make the changes necessary to impro + 151 more characters
RE: Why? 11 years ago
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I also live on 7th st. and I have stopped in Shameless several times to greet the new business owners. They are both very nice and for the record, my five year old thinks that the scary vampire is nic + 594 more characters
OH! I will be there!
We mustn't forget mention the possibility of an adult class coming this summer!
I personally love middle-eastern food. Lebanese would have to be my favorite.
I have to say, Hirsi Ali is my new favorite person. For now.
eek! We forgot, coming wednesday.
to be honest...I had to do a little research myself. (thank you wikipedia!)
lol, just watch the video! Kyle's transformation is the best..
they are....Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Thomas Paine, Christopher Hitchens, Carl Sagan, Charles Darwin url
Jeesh howdy settle down. I just thought it was funny it showed up here around the same time I found it on FB. I stole it from a friend who I'm pretty sure created it. He's always making stuff like thi + 198 more characters
howdy did you steal this off my FB?
oh, Lennox and I will be coming. He sayed nay to wrestling this year because he wants to do another play!!!
RE: Judo 11 years ago
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My 8 year old has a uniform and loves Judo! please keep me posted!
David and howdy yall are starting to grow on me
luvlife, I attended several births (doing massage for my clients) where he was delivering. I was also his patient for several years. I may be young but my experiences of him were all pretty negative. + 778 more characters
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