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RA, Butcher Block is not a federally inspected facility. Most of the facilities mentioned in this thread are only custom facilities, with the exception of C&K in Forsyth.
The owners are up there every night. How about addressing it with them directly instead of dragging this out here?
Can anyone say "informant"?
The date keeps getting pushed back, depending on the amount of work left to do. Since Ray is doing the bulk of it himself, it is taking a little bit of time. The last date I was told was April 15th.
A Bonine doesn't know the definition of AUM???
"It's too bad that I can't take you all that seriously considering that you lack the (hmm, what's another word for sack? I'll just go with courage) to put your name where your words are." Ahh, reeks o + 79 more characters
"People in general are supposed to question. I don't consider it inappropriate to call B.S. on any given situation that's wrong, especially when the situation is so obviously wrong that it hurts my br + 362 more characters
Since, in my estimation, Shannon would have been approximately 10 years old during Jim Certain's tenure 25 years ago, I would find it hard to believe that she would have any first-hand knowledge of wh + 1892 more characters
Spike, It is no secret. Anyone who wants to make a little effort can go to the Courthouse and see that deeds have been recorded to both Deibel (one lot) and the Notbohms (2 lots). They are called publ + 24 more characters
I second that Hal. It probably was not as offensive to the person speaking the word back then, but was certainly as offensive, if not more so, to the person it was being spoken to. I would venture a g + 1864 more characters
I don't know what is planned for the lots once occupied by the Parkside Apartments, but I do know that the word on the street is that a whole lot of trouble is coming down due to the presence of asbes + 66 more characters
Great piece on this very same issue on last night's 60 Minutes, entitled the Science of Sexual Orientation. If you missed, it, check it out here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/03/09/60minutes/ma + 1081 more characters
Duncan, Sorry for the late reply to your first post on this thread. I have been out of town. Duncan stated, "William S. In the other thread, you posed a series of questions. Ask all of those same ques + 3701 more characters
Pluto, Hmmmmm? Or should I perhaps address you as Tracy, Trent or Kevin? "So did Tracy Larson, Shawn Gunther, Kelly Strobel, Trent Kale, and Kevin Howard in the early 90s." I don't quite understand t + 120 more characters
RE: Online Dating 16 years ago
As can be attested to by the arrest of Devin Deming reported on in tonight's Star. Many of us on this site went to school with said psychopath. It shows you never can tell (although he was a creep the + 7 more characters
Holly, you have been an inspiration in all of your posts. Keep it up!
Ford, "That does not even go into the consideration the amount of kids that would rather work." Wow, that's a new complaint about this generation. They work too hard? Tell that to the older generation + 313 more characters
The following article is exactly why I have never cared for this argument backed up by the bible. url The bible's meaning is interpreted 300,000 ways by even more people. Radical terrorists quote the + 536 more characters
Lest anyone think that our society has given into the notion that everyone needs to be categorized and that some categories of people are more deserving of special treatment than others and that anyon + 2216 more characters
I think that Chris and Michael's suspicion of your "oddball habit of going to places like the Department of Labor for statistics. Actual facts and that sort of thing." is probably well-deserved. No wh + 1283 more characters
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