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I have known Ernie for the past seven years or so and all i have to say is that he was one of the most kindest and respectful gentalman that I have ever met. Ernie, you will truely be missed. Your po + 41 more characters
Well i went to school there when i was a kid and its a great school. Currently one of my old classmates is sending her children there for school. They ride the bus there everyday. Also, my kids will b + 102 more characters
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I was just thinking. "Whats up with all the casinos in this town?" Why can't someone build something for the young people of Miles City instead. I know that a casino is a money-maker and as long as pe + 276 more characters
Hey Shipley If you need help cleaning up your stuff just look in the classified. Jamie White is lookin for some work. You could probably keep him busy for a (long) while.
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