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I am Fred South and I recall that building as a rooming house. My Great Grandmother, Mary Hamilton-Ducello was involved with it after her husband left her and her two children alone in Miles City. My + 170 more characters
That brings back memories. I was a bellhop there in the early 1950s. On the left, after entering the door, was the Western Union Office. On the right was the office of an oil company. Spent many hours + 333 more characters
We knew Jay very well. He was a very pleasant fellow. Jay hired my bother, Carroll, Ken Thompson, Bill Norton and me to work as bellhops at the Milligan and Miles Howard. Fred South
The building in the background that says "Yards" is the old Thompson Yards lumber yard. Vern South was a building contractor and did business with them.
Does anyone have a picture of that house? I once lived there in 1943 and 1944 and it is the only former home I have no picture of. There is a trailer house there now, as the original house was destroy + 11 more characters
According to my records: Fair Price Grocery Address: 620 N. Cottage Grove
The cafe in question at 617 Main Street was owned by Eddie and Betty Bitz. Later, Eddie owned the 10 Spot out on Highway 10. I talked to one of Eddie's relatives the other day.
I attended the Foursquare Church at Montana and Stower from 1945- the Fall of 1956. She was never there during that time.
Sorry, but the P-38 and the Black Widow were 2 different airplanes. The Black Widow was a night fighter--a P-61, made by a different company. The P-38 was a Lockheed plane. The Black Widow was a North + 10 more characters
After the war one could purchase surplus military planes for very little money and some were barely used. Also, the P-38 had two engines and could fly well on only one, if the pilot knew what to do. I + 810 more characters
This is from The Prop Wash newsletter, October-November 1952. It was published by Keystone Aerial Surveys Areo Service Corp, Philadelphia "Aero Service mourns the death of John F. Tagan, one of the Co + 502 more characters
Nope, not near Custer, the P-38 took off from the MC airport and crashed into the Yellowstone River, about where the Tongue runs into the Yellowstone. A number of people saw it happen.
I was taking shop class at CCHS when the P-38 crashed into the Yellowstone River near the mouth of the Tongue River. A large pile of twisted aluminum was brought to the school and piled near the shop. + 315 more characters
Go here. There is a picture of the pilot, with other info. url
I have info. Send me your email address. I was a bellhop in the hotel the fellows stayed at in MC.
Do you have any info on the South Brothers? They played on the radio there in Miles City many times. Probably late 1940s to mid 1950s?
The CAA, Civil Aeronautics Administration, investigated the crash and made a report. That report must be in the government files, perhaps the FAA files.
I have two articles out of the paper. But no numbers are mentioned.
What was left of that P-38 was brought to CCHS and piled outside the Industrial Arts Shop. It was a very large pile of twisted aluminum. My guess is that it was eventually melted down and used to cast + 34 more characters
Th pilot who flew that B-17 told me he took off from Rapid City in a blizzard.
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