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and cubby's dad is a great people greeter him and mr. leatherberry do a great job and will accully great you when you come in and will say thank you when you leave
i had a similar exsperience a couple months ago me and my buddy went in to buy a 18 pack of beer and the he was the one paying and so when she asked for i.d. he showed her then she asked for mine and + 375 more characters
i know people that work at the post office and they where recently in the old building and he said that the gas smell is still really bad in there and that the employees have not been told if they wil + 180 more characters
thank you very much
does anyone know when the fair board meets the jacyees have an event they would like to present to them
both where listed but it was an out of date plan we had a out of court agreement that was signed and noterized and she broke the deal
i had an out dated parenting plan with my ex and on monday afternoon she shows up with the plan at the school and demands that they take my daughter out of class and then informs them that she will no + 352 more characters
i talked with kims daughter kimmie and she said he is doing alot better he is out of icu and in a regular room in billings. he is starting his therapy for speech and phisical also but if u want more + 197 more characters
the garbage dumps out on sheffeild road are closed because of people not picking up there junk and thinking it is a place to through away old fridges and freezers and anything else that they would hav + 248 more characters
the yellow stone tavern is the best place to watch nascar and if they dont have it on just ask they will put it on the big screen for you and they have great pizza and good chicken and lots of cold be + 7 more characters
thanks larry
so has any one heard what the fair board is doing yet
does anyone know what the fair board has decided to do after sawyer brown got rained out after there meeting tuesday night
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