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RE: flies 9 years ago
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I used to live a few miles from Amityville, not that many flies there either. Only when the tide went out and had a breeze out of the south
They had a card game to go to and a case of beer to finish!! Good luck finding them! Will keep my eyes open
Back at ya!
I used it to drain my bacon then sucked on it watching a movie!
A great show! Looking to collect some of the seasons DVD's if any one knows of some for sale.
A pre invasion by the Mayarunians before the big one on the 21st was detected by the airport radar and they just grabbed some beer and snickerdoodles to tide them over while they are in orbit. God I h + 47 more characters
Have 12 cups of coffee. Do 12 sit ups......well maybe 2. Eat 12 potato chips......well maybe 50. Make 12 new friends........well maybe pet the dog. Take a nap at 12.......maybe last all day.
Hi Neon. I did notice one of the lady's wrist was broken or dislocated. The older woman in the passenger seat had multiple contusions and some bleeding by her right eye and some bruising around the fr + 146 more characters
I was at the scene of an auto accident yesterday around 3:30pm on Main & Strevell. I stayed there to help, as I used to be a paramedic, until the police and ambulance arrived. There were 2 elderly wom + 186 more characters
reputable or not, don't rinse the bird. I does more harm than good. It justs spread what bacteria may exist on the surface. So what may be on one small spot then can cover the entire surface. 165F. wi + 35 more characters
What kind of soup labels and box tops are you interested in?
Internet is the way to go. You might have to look a bit but you might find it cheaper and of better quality. Maybe even free shipping! I did that for a phone case that was $54 at Verizon and found the + 87 more characters
Stop picking on Neon. I met her. She's a sweetheart. Maybe she doesn't realize that most people's perception of a used mattress includes some of the most nastiest things an imagination can think of on + 435 more characters
Everybody should have a Paco party today!! Miss ya Mark!!!!
Yesterday Mark Kron passed away due to cancer. He was the owner, with his wife, Lynne, of Paco's Packers. The wake is Thursday 8-10 at Stevenson's and the funeral is at 10 at Custer County Cemetary. T + 141 more characters
They want you to ............B-U-N-D-L-E...........!!!$$$$$$$$
Go DirecTV. You can get a cheap package and loads more stations. I'll even give you my account number and we can both save!
Count me in!!! It would also be an invaluable tool for physical therapy patients!!
RE: Fire 10 years ago
in General Discussion
As being an ex NY firefighter, it was an excellant tool for the fire department personnel to use to hone and develope skills in the unselfish endeavor of risking their lives for others. Kudos for the + 10 more characters
I found a couple more peices this weekend. One looks like maybe some sort of nut( no wisecracks ) and some thing that might be perceived as a small piece of bone! You can make out the bone nad marrow. + 63 more characters
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