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One day I hope all of us realize the party leaders and the media love the fact we are so opposed to the others views. It is what makes them all money and gets them elected. Had lunch with a guy, we al + 184 more characters
Neonfreedom, our cops are people with families, albeit not perfect, certainly not due the bashing you are giving them. Give it a rest please.
It never ceases to amaze me that people complain about everything. You don't even have a dog in the race and you complain about a guy trying to run a business and make money, it's called Capitalism. I + 242 more characters
Amorette, i don't know how to use url tags either. A more helpful #1 would be instructions. Jeff or somebody made the comment that a tax increase has been tried for this before. NO it hasn't, its actu + 515 more characters
It is simply an idea folks, perhaps a start of something bigger. Yes, there probably are other significant things to spend money on, but that is not what this lady posted about. She certainly isnt ask + 396 more characters
Hey Ashley. i can say i very rarely post on here for obvious good reasons. I totally appreciate your passion for a pool. Early on in this post a friend of mine gave you some good information and it se + 758 more characters
Amorettes post is great info. they will get you everything you need...you have family?
Seems like this thread got off track....Uh Tracy was it.....The office of Mayor is open to you also to run for election....Good Luck
Do you already have a place to live?
What do you say now Dave?
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