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1Wyoming, Miles City isn't actually infested with libtards like you suspect, it's overwhelmingly conservative. With exception of one, maybe two, every one of the libtard trolls that have destroyed th + 167 more characters
Richard, so what you're saying is that it was a majority Dems that stayed home and didn't vote?
Brandy, CRP is not welfare for farmers, despite the fluffy description that most people read (and public perception) there is a bit of history involved. One reason was made evident in the 1930's (and + 1428 more characters
Stephen Hawking and Chuck Norris were debating quantum physics, Stephen disagreed with Chuck...... hence the wheelchair.
Well Gunnar, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were from Glendive, but since I went to school with you (you old fart ) I know better. Even in school you never knew when to keep your mouth shut. + 85 more characters
Phil, the oddball spelling of "moran" is a inside joke on Got it, I'm pretty mew here, must have been a while back.
I don't believe I guoted anything from the internet Ms. Allison. Or even someone elses material.
Cheryl, I agree with you on many of your points, even the religous ones. As far as no confidence in the media,, if anyone was smart they wouldn't have any. A large percentage of it (even the manner i + 463 more characters
After reading through this topic I have decided beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this website is almost entirely infested with ignorant, in bread, liberal morons. Most of what you are posting and cl + 600 more characters
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