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Lol...bowling. Jack.
Here you go Pete, have at it kid. Jack.
lol. Jack.
url lol. Made my day. Jack.
lol Frank, thank you. That's magical. "Send Jack To Iraq" Brought a sincere smile to the dinner table tonight. I do wonder which we'll see first though, "Send Jack To Iraq" or "Come On Pete, Admit De + 311 more characters
Mike, I agree somewhat with your assumption of Pete. Yet, I fail to see where I've "screwed up" within my previous posts. Maybe you could shed some light and show me the alleged error of my ways. It w + 784 more characters
Youth Dynamics would be another place to seek some information. Hope it helps. Jack.
lol. That is a funny picture! I find it amusing that you proudly proclaim your support of the troops, and then use their image for your own projected ridicule. You are so versatile with your pictures + 607 more characters
lol. I somewhat thought you were a "picture book" kind of guy. Jack.
Chipmunk! Welcome back. What brings you back out of retirement? Anyone seen Pete? lol. Jack.
I'd like to thank everyone who's gone to see the video. Thanks again to those who've commented on the youtube site. Jack.
Off the topic personal responses, eh? Well I find it quite fitting that you started this topic Pete, given that you're more than likely going to be spending a lot of time here. Your initial post for + 2368 more characters
I appreciate your 2 cents Frank. You're more than welcome to continue wondering about my sincerity. It's your right. As I stated before I'd like to think of something other than their plight for a da + 335 more characters
No worries Matt, I was speaking to Pete. I'm glad you liked the video. Jack.
You're welcome Hal. Jack.
It's curious to think that people can take something as light hearted as a video of their hometown featuring the "Benny Hill" theme of all things, and quite quickly turn it to matters of war. Rather s + 415 more characters
Who is "WE"? I could give two sh*ts.
I definitely thought so.
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