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We went and got a tree today, had to drive about 40 miles, but the kids had fun and the permit cost us 5 bucks. And another family tradition for the books!
I think ours was 5 ft last year and we bought it from Dave Thompson, so I am sure we overpaid, lol. But we spent 60. You can go to blm, get a permit and a map and cut one down yourself for much cheape + 2 more characters
I just had a baby 7 months ago an I did all of my care and delivery with dr cook. He is very professional and caring. If we were planning on having more children I would doctor with him again. Best in + 100 more characters
i would love to have these. my son takes them to highland park. your number wasn't posted...mine is 951-0091. you can text or call or drop them off in mailbox of 618 s stacy. thank you!
check studio M. its on main street next to universal athletics
you know, when the kirbyguy said something about going to a chevy dealership and getting a guy with a bad attitude...his key word in there is GO...if i want a new pickup i will GO buy one! if i want a + 1449 more characters
Just to let everyone know i had a Kirby salesman at my door this morning asking me if we used tissue in our home. This time i knew better and shut the door. I know a lot of us had a hard time with the + 335 more characters
what do you charge?
i think there should be a much larger fine or maybe even some jail time for folks who don't carry insurance. i get that it is expensive but then you don't get to do all or the added fun things. you sh + 206 more characters
forsyth is a nice indoor pool, terry has a great outdoor pool. i have lived in miles city for years and have never taken my kids to the oasis. in my younger days i swam at spotted eagle and always got + 109 more characters
totally agree! my kids would love it!
yuck, these guys creeped me out. they came to our house on saturday the 27th, they did the baking soda trick and were in our living room in seconds. they are amazingly quick at putting together those + 1070 more characters
this is such a great place! we took out 2 boys out there today and had a great time! we found a 43 lb pumpkin and then some other sizes. it was so fun to watch the boys run through the pumpkin patch a + 245 more characters
Hey thanks! I will check it out!
hey i was just wondering if anyone could help me...we just moved back here last week and my kids are eager to get into sports! they really would like to do gymnastics and karate but i don't know what + 153 more characters
okay, i have heard great things about the black hills. i have also heard that stuff is very expensive to do up there, totally worth is but expensive. speaking from personal experience chico is awesome + 581 more characters
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