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RE: 401k 3 years ago
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yep, that was posted in response to the moderator thread asking for reasons to vote for either Rossendale or Tester in a seperate forum... not in the thread where Gunnar resorted to name calling....bu + 329 more characters
RE: 401k 3 years ago
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...and Gunnar,,,where in my post did I mention 2nd Amendment or Roe v. Wade...? You brought them up, not me.... that's like me telling everyone your really a closet Trump supporter.... taking a bit of + 40 more characters
RE: 401k 3 years ago
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ANY road is the high road when it comes to you guys.
RE: 401k 3 years ago
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well Frank Burns and Gunnar, your name calling is pretty much pre-school level, so Middle school is grown-up for you guys...der der der.
RE: 401k 3 years ago
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hhhhmmmmm.... just two fish on this set so far......
RE: 401k 3 years ago
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This is rich, a month ago when the market was in record territory the Dems were trying to say it was all due to Obama's administation, now a month later when it has dipped they want to lay it at Trump + 33 more characters
Tester has a "D" rating from gun owners and his 2nd amendment votes...that alone used to ensure that Montanan's wouldn't elect him as their Senator. Scary how his 2nd Amendment views have changed.
Here, this will help. Pretty much paints a clear picture of what's going on. https://dailycaller.com/2018/09/04/ted-cruz-reminds-america-hillary/
Nobody here is even suggesting that harassment doesn't occur, nobody here is suggesting that sexual assaults do not occur.... the victims of those events deserve empathy, justice and a voice..... but + 647 more characters
Anonymous accusers ....great reliability there..... MCD you are one of those people who based their guilt or innocence conclusion based SOLELY on if the person is a liberal or a conservative...... kee + 946 more characters
Don't recall asking you where you were Gunnar or asking you to answer for MCD...if you can't figure out what the point was, you especially have no business answering...der, der, der.
Where were you MCD, when Billy Clinton was sexually assaulting all those women?
Thanks so much for the info !
I have an old 12-1/2 cent trade token from Miles City... it is for The "Professor L. Bach European Hotel Good for 12-1/2 Cents at bar" this wording is divided up on both sides of the token... In the b + 998 more characters
No, I think your previous response went there first.
If that's your way of admitting your wrong David I guess I'll thank you too.
Who are you trying to fool David?...Your article is written by Charles Kolstad of Stanford Institute, Mr. Kolstad is a published author on Global Warming - so much for it being an unbiased, non-goal o + 1403 more characters
More rhetoric from Liberals who see the writing on the wall ... First the liberals wage war on the minerals industry and shut it down and NOW they ar econcerned with losing royalty revenus from it ??! + 264 more characters
Cubby- Don't worry about receiving a bunch of nasty replies on here, your view point is pretty much correct...all the liberals tag teaming you on here don't care one iota about the dreamers...not one + 553 more characters
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