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I know this one!!! I can be bribed...
So very true Mr Michels! I've listened to Jim's thoughts, wisdom & opinions since 1977 - this time he is spot on He's been a great mentor, father figure, friend and neighbor for many years.
Next meeting scheduled for March 15th 5:30 at the Main Street Grind. Please contact Leah Jordan Miller for more information. We are still missing a few classmates: Wendy Geurin Debbie Hicks
How cute! I LOVE the Corgi - I have a red/white female, she is feisty!
Are you taking orders for the prints? I'm very interested in the one of the Crossroads. I'm in Minnesota so I'm unable to attend the festivities. Happy Birthday Gene!! Thank you for all you do & all t + 41 more characters
Still missing - Can you please help? Any leads would be extremely helpful... Lisa Leann White, Michelle S. Field Anderson, Kimberly Suzette Forbus, Wendy Ann Guerin, Troy Oltman, Bob Williamson, Jeff + 36 more characters
NOTE: Finnegans closed unexpectedly November 30, 2010. And Jim's phone number has been disconected. NOW WHAT?? Any ideas??
Thanks again. See everyone July 22&23. We're still looking for Wendy Geurin and a few others. I'll post another list soon.
Thanks! We do have Randy's contact info. I inadvertently still had him on my missing list. Any other leads would be greatly appreciated.
Our 30th Reunion is July 22 & 23 We are down to just a few people that we have NOTHING on. Loree Pahnish Randy Richards Lisa White Kim Forbus Wendy Guerin Jim Walby Michelle Minkoff. No amount of sle + 356 more characters
Thanks so much GypsyKim & Amorette!! This video makes a very powerful statement. I just lost my oldest brother to lip, mouth and throat cancer - he was only 54. He had smoked for almost 40 years. What + 474 more characters
So sorry for your loss. Mark was such a funny guy. I will always remember his smile. He was never too busy to stop and chat with everyone he encountered! We will all miss you Mark. My thoughts and pr + 34 more characters
Amorette: I was just thinking of this the other night and was going to email you. Do you have any idea of the whereabouts of the old prints that hung around the perimeter of the old Anthony's store. I + 275 more characters
I was just on KTVQ.com and there are videos / photos. They do have a crew on there way to MC. Between the fires and the plane crash in Butte - Montana is making the news - but not in a good way under + 20 more characters
It's such a shame... We see this stuff on the news every night and feel sad, but life goes on. It's totally different when it's your OWN TOWN. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. To see so much d + 138 more characters
Thanks for the updates everyone. YES the Copper Thimble suffered smoke and maybe some water damage in 1987 or 88?? I was working at Joylin's dress shop and the fire had broken out in Coast to Coast ( + 92 more characters
Hey Vikki: I emailed Kevin and Dan Connors is in St. Paul. He now knows he is MIA and will be contacting you. If you don't hear anything let me know... Does someone in your class have Facebook - grea + 64 more characters
I would have to say JIM MICHELS!! Deceased - Ms. Johnnie Thomas
The last time we were there the gate was only latched... not padlocked. If you know anything about opening a gate, you'll be able to figure it out. Remember to jump on the bottom rail when you swing t + 144 more characters
Bill: Woodruff was always a favorite spot of Mom's. She loved going there in the Spring to see the crocus starting to peak thru the snow. The gate is "locked" but I am sure you can figure it out. If + 603 more characters
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