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Shannon, I don't know what you heard, but I personally know the girls he molested and I know what it has done to them and their families and they will deal with this for their of their lives. Please h + 80 more characters
Jake and OK do an awesome job together. Jake is very fortunate to get to play with OK.
The talent contest was last night at the Eastern Montana Fair, I was just wondering what people thought of the talent. I was not able to attend, but my son Jake Elwood was in it. His friends and my fa + 125 more characters
I'm so sorry to hear about Tami, I did'nt know her very well, but I know she was a nice person. My prayers go out to her family. That's another one from the class of 1976.
I had Rocky Mountain Spotted fever when I was 6 years old in the early 60's. I passed out one night after being sick for a few days, my folks took me to Miles City, in a rain storm, over very muddy ro + 805 more characters
I was in MT the 1st June and it was green all the way, it was so beautiful. I'm glad to hear it is still that way. We are between 13 and 14 inches of moisture so far for the year and that inclues the + 819 more characters
I agree with CW Wilcox, and Leotta, she was inside and outside of town, but what about Fred Gedney or Birch Ray.
Hal, Thanks for the beautiful picture. We have had cold here in SD, more winter than we've had in 10 or so years. We started with a storm the 1st week of Nov., with an inch of rain, and then 10 to 12 + 495 more characters
I was sadden to see in the MC Star obituary that Mr. Bruce Zinne passed away. He was one of the nicest men I've ever known. Who could forget that body walking down the halls at CCHS with a smile on hi + 313 more characters
I would like to nominate Ernie Bighorn, he was so much fun to watch and a nice kid too. I'd also like to nominate Tater Patch, Dallas Taylor and Chris Elwood from the class of 73.
What was the cops name? I believe his first I think was Ed. It seemed like he was always lurking around. One time I was parked by Rexall Drug on the side street and I looked before I pulled out and ju + 442 more characters
I've been hearing advertisements on tv and radio telling kids to excercise at least an hour a day. What is happening when kids need to be told to go out and play? I remember getting in trouble for not + 639 more characters
I miss coming into town and seeing Dr. and Mrs. Mathis' barn, and his Hereford cattle grazing on the meadow and Mr. Fretland's dairy cows. Eating at the A&W in the car, going to the sale barn and visi + 632 more characters
I would like to express my appreciation for Mr. Grays sacrifice for this country and all the others who have fallen before him. Thank God we have have young people who willing fight for the rest of us + 233 more characters
That is absolutely the best rainbow I've ever seen. The rainbow is God's promise that he will never send a flood to cover the earth completely again. Read Genesis 9:12-16. What a beatuiful promise. Th + 39 more characters
Here, Here, Amorette. The heck with modern medicine, a beer or two a day keeps the doctor away.
I would love a salmon fillet, I've had good salmon but I know the fresher the better. We have meadowlarks, killdeers, crows and a few magpies, not like there was on the Mizpah where I grew up. I love + 469 more characters
When my Mom was still living and lived on S. Prairie there was a Blue Jay that would come and keep the other birds away from the feeder, he came every year. He was a noisey fella, but beautiful. I saw + 255 more characters
Hal, Not many people get to experience what you did today, to see the beauty of God's creation in its daily routine. When I experience something like that I to get a rush. There is nothing like seeing + 579 more characters
I did not attend the supper, but I talked to people who expected a better meal. I realize it hard to feed that many people ,but if that is your business you should do it right. If you were in a restau + 413 more characters
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