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serial killer
I sent the pictures to David Schott. He said he would post them.
I have some picture of the ones that were in the shadow boxes in Anthonys. I would like to post them here and not sure how to. Can some one help me.
The first citizen I really remeber when we first moved to Miles City in 1993 was a guy driving a tractor with a very large umbrella. I cant forget Allison Campbell(the animal lady lol). I miss all the + 37 more characters
Hi snicker. And yes I do know who you are. I miss the block.
When Anthonys remodled to Stage. The Big Pictures were taken down. We have 3 or 4 of them in storage. Glenda
Anothoys to Stage to Silver Thimble. Before Anthonys I dont know. -Glenda
My husband use to manage Anthonys in the Silver Thimble building. His name is Monte Wolverton. It has been a long time since we have been to Miles City. We may have to make it for Bucking Horse to see + 318 more characters
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