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Great pictures. Thanks for putting them up!
Also - I had a thought for Mr. Allen. I assume - if you're not a hypocrite - that you would also advise the Christians who are being persecuted in the Middle East to quit being Christians if they don + 195 more characters
I was speaking to the troll, above - not you. Sorry for the confusion.
Ooooh, a nice shiny new user name! I'm sure that's not a coincidence though. You're a man of many user names.
Hold up! Did you just say that you believe in equality? Ha!
I'm sure that the "queers" (who you advise to stop being "queers" if they don't want to get shot by people who don't like "queers" and who you clearly state that you have no sympathy in the wake of 10 + 372 more characters
You're just a touch behind the times I think. It's the "cleanest" bar in town. And you're coming up with this crap while you're sober? Amazing.
Ah, I see that you aren't a legal scholar. I can't refuse service to a person if they are a member of a protected class, for the reason that they are a member of a protected class. Race and gender. + 52 more characters
Wow! One thing I love about owning a business is being able to refuse service to anyone... Dan Allen - consider yourself 86'ed from the Trails Inn. I don't know if you ever come in or not, and I quite + 314 more characters
Kacey, The City had a verbal order at Court last Tuesday for cleanup authority. The City has not yet received the Court's written order (unless I just haven't seen it yet today) and could not take act + 749 more characters
Joe, The City does not support or authorize the cleanup in any way - but will not interfere. The Prosecutor does not have any objection which would need to be enforced by MCPD, nor do I, as we have ma + 1857 more characters
Also - as no order has been issued, MCPD will not take any action regarding the cleanup without prompting from the Judge or a trespass complaint by Shipley.
The City was a bit blindsided by this, but will not interfere with this cleanup. I spoke with our prosecutor who does not object to the cleanup if it has been authorized by Shipley. I simply want to m + 205 more characters
The effort is being coordinated by the Public Defender's Office and Mr. Shipley.
The City will not prevent this cleanup from taking place. The City will be taking the position that the cleanup is not sanctioned by the City. The written Court Order has not been issued as of today's + 172 more characters
It shouldn't be. Please refer to my post in that thread. Cleanup is going to be undertaken pursuant to Court order. I would strongly caution anyone who is not acting under authority of the Court fro + 335 more characters
There were some earlier test runs where they simply ran out of track without ever reaching a top speed with this car (265 mph I think it was, in that run). I'm glad they found a longer track. Watching + 308 more characters
I believe that he is stacking and balancing rocks on the curb in that picture (you can see a come along and rope or chain to the right), and not actually doing yard work!
I assume the confusion is stemming from the fact that City Court does not try felonies. All felonies are charged through the County Attorney's office and into the District Court. MCPD then works with + 149 more characters
There will still be the 6 month split between Hockey and Ag events. Hockey will bring in a sufficient amount of dirt to cover the concrete floor after their 6 months are up, the same as the Metra in B + 522 more characters
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