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I am so in agreement. Please, everyone, wear a mask, what harm can it do, and just think what help it will be to everyone. If you cant afford one, call me and I will give you as many as you want. I th + 272 more characters
Well the election is "almost" over. One way or another--Can we please start thinking of our health and put the political crap aside. Please help by at least wearing masks when shopping etc. PLEASE Mil + 27 more characters
I didn't start this to be a political statement, in fact, I was hoping for something completely different. That said, I want to be safe, and I want to help stop or at least slow down the virus. No, we + 327 more characters
Thank you for the kudos. I do it to keep busy and have plenty of masks to give away for anyone that would like to ignore politics and try to keep themselves and those around them safe as possible. jus + 6 more characters
I am not a supporter of either. I am just a 77 year old person that wishes to stay healthy and it seems to me that when the Doctors agree that masks and social distancing are a better way to stay that + 76 more characters
I agree we all have the right to wear or not wear masks, but I ask you, why don't you want to try everything to protect yourself and others just for a short time while being out. Yes, we all have the + 798 more characters
RE: masks 2 years ago
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I guess I somewhat have to agree. But since when do we worry more about politics than our health. I also wear masks, and the ones I make are quite different from a political statement (visually) Most + 131 more characters
masks 2 years ago
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Hello Miles City!! Why aren't more masks being worn?? Proof is that they will help, however I don't see a lot of people wearing them. I have been making masks since April, at no charge, and out of apr + 81 more characters
I am making face masks, both the pleated and others. If you are interested, call Lee @ 232-5400
It will be open on the 30th and 31st. Cost of $3 or 1$ off with a donation for the food bank. 5:30 to 9PM. See advertisment in the Star for more details. Please come and enjoy
I am bumping this so everyone can know there will be a great and scary haunted house. Be prepared
Somehow it was removed from Classified to General Discussion.
Finishing touches are still being made Will let you know when it is open.
In the left part of the old Perkins Jewelry store. Thanks
The haunt that used to be on Comstock is now bigger and better and located on Main St next to the Theater. Please stop in and check it out, the Masons have done an excellent job making it more frighte + 178 more characters
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