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We found her!! Thank you to all of the people out driving and walking around for hours with us that helped us get our wonderful dog back! We will be spending the rest of our night permanently welding + 118 more characters
Bailey is 5 years old and her home is near the intersection of Stower and Strevell. She's pretty pumpkin in color and fairly small. Please if you have any information on her possible whereabouts pleas + 87 more characters
JCF, you're so lucky I already got kicked off once.
Trinity Lutheran Preschool is wonderful.
Good morning, Thanks for all of the responses people have made through e-mail on here. I am about ready to make the first donation run today, and I have responded to everyone's requests to donate. As + 198 more characters
What a friggin weirdo.... KONY is terrible, but should someone like this really be in charge of shedding light on this issue to the citizens of this country? Informing people about this problem is gre + 887 more characters
Oh, definetely, LOVINLIFE- I completely agree with you. MC.COM is just such a great hub for information exchange...I just think it would be really cool to have the progress of the effort to help thi + 1015 more characters
Major MAJOR spelling error, Buddy. That would be NEWBS.
So maybe isn't the best place to discuss some stuff, but now we have a great opportunity to use this resource for a very good and deserved cause. I propose that now we set the bar for situation + 1190 more characters
Ok, he wears a size 12 shoe, adult large shirt, 33x32 pants, and large size boxers. Great idea, Kacey. Any storage shed owners in the house that are able and willing?
Buck, I ALMOST posted the exact same link yesterday. Love it.
For anyone interested in donating material items to the family, here is a list of some high priority items that are needed: -Toiletries/personal care items -Womens clothing size 2X and shoes size 8 Un + 655 more characters
Thanks, bh. Personally what other people were saying or how they were saying it would be the furthest thing from my mind, but that's just me. It was terrible. I feel terrible it happened. I can't seem + 139 more characters
Tami, my post talking about drama had absolutely NOTHING to do with this horrible incident. I was not even talking to you or about you when I wrote that. BACK up, and READ.
In speaking for the Donnelly family, you would think that with all of the time you spent criticizing the 'gossip' on here you hate so much, you could have been able to spend even less reading the info + 398 more characters
I can't imagine life without drama. Life is drama. People that claim to hate drama the most, usually start it first.
Click on the link above to the Gazette, there's some info in there about that stuff.
I'm feeling really emotional about this. I watched the entire thing, start to finish. I was so sick over it, I felt I had to say something...dumb to say it on here. I wish it wasn't that way. Like I s + 682 more characters
BLT, beeing a baad spelllerrr doessn'tt make a persin ignorint. it maked them a bad spellerr. Ignorance? Ignorince is believing you know someethin you really actuallie don't entirelly knowe. Just a sm + 12 more characters
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