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Man, how time flies.. I'm still wondering if anyone's interested in this plan, or if someone has already done it.
Huh.. I was wondering what was going on.. I thought something was wrong with my radio for awhile when visiting my parents. I hope the station goes back online soon. I did like it when it was a classic + 145 more characters
If anyone has pictures on the Derailment, please send them to me at [email protected]
I'll probably do that. I'm also still looking into delivering Broadband to some of the rural customers out in the country. I'm finding some very interesting websites, and I'm going to ask MidRivers if + 729 more characters
I take it this is CCDHS, not PRCDHS. I'd like to know when PRCDHS is going to have a reunion, though.
It is true that I'm also looking at WiFi (mostly 802.11b/g). It's the most compatible and widely used standard available. I'm also looking into WPA more for security than WEP. I'm also looking into an + 883 more characters
- WiFi is just now getting popular in larger metropolitan areas. - The trickle down effect to MC that has been in place for many - years puts MC having any WiFi type of service to sometime around - 20 + 5823 more characters
I'm still into the idea of offering WiFi Broadband to several users in and around (approx. 20Mi) Miles City. So far, I haven't heard much input from people. The new standard, WiMax, can offer up to a + 746 more characters
I agree. It seems they're gutting good projects to fund more idiotic projects. One project in particular, the underpass. What a surprise that it flooded and how much money was dumped into it?
Ya.. Lately there's been alot of fighting. I run my own forum and if something gets out of hand, I lock it. That way it's not one huge p*ssing contest and clogs up the thread. Are there mods on this f + 5 more characters
Oh ya.. Forgot about that.
Greetings Everyone 19 years ago
Hello everyone. Just wondering what there is to do here for a 26/M besides get totally toasted.
RE: Hello all 19 years ago
I was wondering the same. Is there anything to do here for a 26/M? url
RE: EQ 19 years ago
in General Discussion
I'm about to repair a computer with "Everquest" on it. Seems that it might have a security hole in it, allowing people to take it over. Be careful everyone.
Yep. I am him.. Sorry it took me soo darn long to reply.. I haven't been on this site in awhile. I'm still looking into building this Wireless Service. There's been some advances in Wireless technolog + 1271 more characters
Hey Kirk.. Of course, we know each other. One thing I'm seeing is everyone whining about a SuperCenter, but yet they still shop at Walmart. I see this as a "You want the cake and eat it too". From wh + 335 more characters
Ya, I think it severely blows that Greyhound is cutting service here. I was riding it all the time while I was Active Duty Navy (1998-2002). I enjoyed the trip and visited people who was riding. You a + 135 more characters
> Miles City does not even come close to having the > population to support an internet cafe. There would have > to be a lot of out of pocket expense for a long time for > it to get established enough to + 911 more characters
I think my Internet Cafe idea would be good (looks at the old Odyssey building). It would allow gamers, along with surfers, to find a good spot to relax. Also, will give the youngsters and teens a dru + 59 more characters
A Sales Tax? You've got to be kidding.. This state has been Sales Tax free for decades. I'm glad I don't have to pay Sales Tax on everything (stationed in San Diego for 3 1/2 years). It keeps the livi + 35 more characters
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