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Sorry, I wasn't saying that it shouldn't be on this form, I had worded that wrong., I just figured because she doesn't even know him she has no right saying anything about Gary's death. On top of this + 323 more characters
Linda, if you don't acually know someone why are you posting about there death. Isn't that up to the family or the funeral home to let people know. Let Gary's family heal, and not be reminded on a for + 95 more characters
The building was shut down because Lee Huston(sp) ran his van into the building. The building was cracking and had shifted. They had to move to a different location.
Try putting them in classified adds and not general disscusion. The web man will remove them or put them in the right spot.
Diane, agreed!
This is what you do. If there is a debt, pay it. Go to the police fill out a report, call Brian and have him come over and check if you are taking care of your animals the correct way and show him tha + 111 more characters
There has been multiple complaints about this "pet sitter". Go to the police and file a report and press charges. She got in trouble last year for harassment, trespassing, and posting pics and a add o + 156 more characters
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