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As everyone knows many many many folks own scanners and if you don't you should get one, it's really quite a riot listening to it. The other evening playing cards listening to the scanner came up that + 670 more characters
Well said....What the hell has Dick ever done to anyone but be pleasant....Everyone is right he needs to be reimbursed for legal fees and have his name cleared..What a damn mess..How do these high pow + 334 more characters
Yes Happy Birthday Mary Lou...So how's things in Seattle? Thanks for a great time when we were there...you guys are the best....Tell Terry I'll call one of these nights........Sorry abut the Seahawks- + 40 more characters
Doe Miles City just need someone to bash....I don't agree with some of the things Keven has done but my God people give him a break....He sold he didn't go bankrupt...having a business in this town is + 358 more characters
Is Bicycle Bob in town? Come on all you kiddies gather round bicycle Bob's in town.....Man those were some good time hugh Bob?
Pete, Not closed, just decided after my little medical problem to take it a little easy so decided to close on Mondays also. Gives me more time for the family. Sorry about you not getting your saus + 23 more characters
Not sure how Chad found that listed on Craigs List---had a hell of a time finding it myself
Jaiden would move back in a minutte I think you are right he should know about business. He had fun helping Debbie last time they were home
Amy, Talked to them today--Think that idea is a definate negative although I think Jaiden is interested lmao
Amy, Talked to them today I think that's a negative although Jaiden seems interested LMAO
I can and did forget those donuts and the 18 hrs a day that went with them
Chad, Sorry don't need to own 2 buildings....I have the equipment for you to start one though and don't forget about those donuts.....got that equipment also
Yep Chad anything I have is for sale except my kids, grandkids, and husband. So get out your checkbook
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