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I've had two good experiences at the new Steak House. They have great Prime Rib. Its a bit slow but they are new. I will never return to the Iron Horse. Terrible service and not once have I had even + 86 more characters
Well I'm not as old as some of you but in my day. Does Anyone remember turkey television? You cant say that on television shortly after?! That was what I was raised on. That and old cartoons where vio + 346 more characters
Wow!! Just had Arbys French Dip and Jalapeno bites. I must say I was very impressed! Nice addition to Miles City.
I always get the Ahi Tuna mmmm. They are the only place for miles to get fresh Seafood.
I would go with Galleghers! 600 is expensive and has horrible service but they do have a great Chicken Fried steak.
If the Alligator is from Miles City. It is sure to have souless eyes.
Does it not seem strange that these people (Mr Maas Mrs Maas Etc, Keep popping up and talking about this whole suituation? Let it go people! I for one had many laughs at your expense, we all did. I ho + 131 more characters
kelsee, I sympathize with you. I was a victim once too and it does hurt. As for Josh, ignore him. I think this site would be used more without him around. He has no life except this, and puts his anno + 178 more characters
The Rib and Chop House nobody compares in service or in food quality. I'm more then grateful they are here.
Why not try the 600 cafe? Butch has always been a big supporter of Miles City and I'm sure he would be glad to help if explained to him correctly.
You all can have the Iron horse. Ive have given it a fair shot on many occasions and it always leaves me dissapointed.
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