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The Star says his judge will be Judge Neese. BTW Judge Dukart was pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road.
I loved it on King of the Hill when Boomhower's brother, aka Brad Pitt, comes to town. That's one of the best. Scrubs is hit or miss for me, but some times it gets me!
That is hilarous!
That's good news!!
What was the Texas Club incedent?
Thanks! It makes guys cringe everytime...I love that joke!
What's good on pie, but not on p_ssy?
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Is that by La Connor?
Best version ever!
Amber - Is there a certain situation that happened on here that you are upset about, because most of it seems like friendly fire?!?
Mmmmmmm, the stuffed french toast...is the best!!
Main Street Over Easy in Bozeman Echo Lake Cafe in Bigfork (there's one in Tahoe, Julie) Cafe McCormick in Billings Q in Billings Mambo Italianos in Whitefish The Bear Claw Bar (hottest chicken wings + 59 more characters
March 2nd news letter from Insure Montana: Insure Montana was funded @ the present level in the Governor's budget. A request to increase the funding to serve businesses on the program's waiting lists + 849 more characters
I'm not sure about chips, but it also goes to Insure Montana, which is a program for help small business afford health insurance for their employees by giving insentives to the employer & employee. It + 183 more characters
Thanks Tanneil for the picture...sad.
Last summer they did have a blond @ the Woodinville brewery & it was awesome. Who knows this about this year. If you want to branch out...Pinkus beer is one of the best organic heffes EVER...if you ca + 153 more characters
No plastic flowers, please.
The Flathead Beacon has been fixed...didn't contact Billings Gazette.
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