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My second grader usually likes all but the chicken rice type stuff... and the occasional off the wall soup. She use to be picky but now she even comes home saying... mom, i actually like (insert rando + 200 more characters
My child has gone to both Jefferson and Garfield... I am mostly satisfied with my experiences with Garfield. The secretary takes a certain personality to deal with... but don't we all run into that so + 693 more characters
Great article... and another proud liberal here!
Sounds doable! Thanks!
Thank you all for the great information. I'm looking into the nvidia stuff and if it's applicable to my circumstances. I'm going to probably persue the HDD suggestions because that sounds likely. I'm + 364 more characters
I have a HP Pavillion Entertainment PC laptop. It's approximately 3 years old. I've searched tech support answers online and nothing has helped. It's no long under warranty so calling them is not an o + 1520 more characters
From what I've heard... due to this post... management at McDonalds is getting involved and rotating shifts they work to observe where possible customer service issues are coming from... they are all + 628 more characters
You sound alright by me Former! And Jade... love the come-back!
LOL! Love the true idea behind this post. You're awesome.
Pansexual refers to the potential for sexual attractions, sexual desire, or romantic love, towards people of all gender identities and biological sexes. Like beyond bisexual... I guess is an easy way + 968 more characters
I was told that "locals" complained that self check out took work away from people. Though, who knows how much truth there is to that. The Walmart (not the Super Walmart) in Missoula where I'm from ha + 564 more characters
JaDee, Spoken like someone who's probably never actually bothered to complain to the right people... just whine a lot. Red Neck Girl You said service in your initial post... not layout. So I took it + 224 more characters
There's always a complaint about something here. McDonalds, Walmart, etc, etc, etc... Do we forget that these are PEOPLE we are talking about? Sure YOU may not know them personally, but they still hav + 1401 more characters
Talking is a gateway to thinking. -Stephen Colbert
You're very welcome! It was scary seeming at first, but with a little help it was pretty easy to work through.
MCS, Here is a url to a child name change petition url It looks pretty much the same as the adult name change I just went through myself. If you can't afford filing fees make sure you fill out an Affi + 1032 more characters
I agree! Great post!
Took my 6 year old to see this movie... and she enjoyed it. So, I disagree that it is not really for the under 10 crowd. Sure, some of the jokes were a bit over her head but there is enough kid-orien + 60 more characters
This TSA nonsense really worries me! My ex-husband takes our daughter to visit her family in Virginia about once a year. If an elderly woman can't pass their screenings... then how can a 7 year old ch + 231 more characters
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