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The Miles City Historic Preservation Office regrets that we must cancel the Luncheon Event: A Business Perspective: The Role of Historic Preservation in Downtown Miles City, scheduled for the Country + 1202 more characters
Speaking of the Downtown Project... The Miles City Historic Preservation Office regrets that we must cancel the Luncheon Event: A Business Perspective: The Role of Historic Preservation in Downtown Mi + 1231 more characters
Brilliant! Love it!
Go for it, Ken and see what you can find! You never know what might develop as a result! I will also dig out the informaiton for that museum and contact them!
Amorette -- I'll look at them again - but I didn't remember them being scaled with measurements. I'll check!
Ken -- Right now we do not have any detailed architectural plans or drawings, but are researching that. I did recently become aware of a museum that has collected a vast assortment of blueprints of aa + 465 more characters
The City Council approved resuming negotiations with BNSF. Unanimously. What a milestone for the community! I should clarify that the lease is for the land only; as BNSF has pledged to donate the his + 652 more characters
Well, keep your fingers crossed! Tonight the Miles City Council will hear MCDARP's counter-proposal to the now infamous BNSF "Indefinite Term Lease", and hopefully give us the go ahead to re-establish + 1556 more characters
As I was growing up we were taught the basics about "Freedom of Religion" and what respecting that freedom means -- and I've passed it along to my kids. Maybe the current environment of divisiveness w + 1480 more characters
Do we need to help with travel expenses for the family, or does the military cover that? What can we do? My prayers are with them...
As the "voice" of the MCDARP team, I would like to acknowledge all the local folks that contributed "behind the scenes" to make possible the public meetings held to discuss the depot project earlier t + 1846 more characters
MCDARP is happy to report that the public meetings held tonight went very well. After listening to brief presentations from Brownfields experts from the EPA and DEQ followed by a lively question and a + 839 more characters
Please plan to attend one of the two public meetings offered tonight. Representatives of the EPA and MT DEQ will be on hand to address concerns that there might be environmental contamination of the d + 249 more characters
Thanks for bumping us Olive... We hope that as many people as possible turn out. The community conversation with the environmental agencies on Wednesday is quite possibly the most important event in t + 704 more characters
If you cannot attend either event, please post your questions or concerns here, and we can address them at one of the gatherings. Or if prefer you can email your questions or give me a call!
The Miles City Depot Acquisition & Restoration Project (MCDARP) Team, the Miles City Historic Commission and Custer County Historical Society will sponsor two open meetings for the City Council, the C + 2362 more characters
Bravo Brian!
Good luck -- nice photos!
Thanks for posting the link to the Gazette article. I thought it was great that both the Star and the Gazette managed to publish articles today. We made the Star deadline by seconds -- and they still + 100 more characters
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