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Yes it is the problem. It is just the choices u and I do that will make or break things.
People don't like the Truth it always hurts. All just need to no what is right from whats wrong to see things.The light will always be in the things that are Right.
Amorette ya u never can tell with thing's. See bridgier way off on spelling I should have put your name on paper before I started that talk very sorry.
Yep a lot comes in to play here. Like u where saying too briger I hope i spelt that right if not im sorry. But just because we may seem to not be doing well here don't mean other place's are not doing + 32 more characters
I just wonder things sometimes it can get me in trouble too.I am just looking at things like fuel prices are low. And lot of things changing like are president change. Are economy can't be very good R + 486 more characters
Yes Wendy that's true but the first sign of need will be the lottery where the money could be right?
Lottery 7 years ago
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One thing I'm seeing is how much people are playing lottery and all that.Make's u think is are country in that much need right now that it's being played so heavily lately. I no that the jackpot is ve + 199 more characters
That's right David are name's here are irrelevant too Dave.
Truck u are right about this.We are not on a game show I thought that my self.
Dave u just don't seem to get thing's the topic of this deal is about scott only the rest is irrelevant. So stop please thank u.
Well no it's not I thought thing's changed for better but I shot it off to fast.
Nope truck it's not thank u Lot's
Why if you would read it careing for all u would understand me.I Reilly don't won't to go here with u Dave but it sound's like a little leadership in u would help too.
There is a lot of meaning in the things I right read carefully .
Dave I'm not making the rolls here. I'm just trying to stop hate out there or at least help it.And I do not have a disability because I could become a better speller its a disorder I have.And im not t + 1028 more characters
U no Dave I did try doing things right.But I still got pushed down even then. look at my post early in on other sights.I had period's and all that.why even try with doing things right if I get pushed + 351 more characters
Nope Windy your right its lazy in a way. One more thing to miles city. If u start with a + in a talk u get nothing but marry and joy. If u do - in a talk well we all no what that could lead too.Things + 75 more characters
Nope LRS is how it is truck.
Yes I do right them my wife helps me with spelling some words. But when she is not around to help with spelling watch out lol.
Yep you are right. It would help thing's. But its just not me here I speak for all that try to be smarter then one would be. who cares if u do better at thing's then I do or other's. The world is goin + 116 more characters
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