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Dogs are 5.00 for a small and 10.00 for a large. Car wash is donation. It is a Relay for life fund raiser. Thanks
Sorry it starts in the A.M. Hope you can make it.
Our Relay for Life team is holding a car wash at Napa Sat. the 7th starting at 8:00. Across the street at East Main vet we are also having our dog wash starting at 9:00. Bring your car, drop it off, w + 98 more characters
The UCC and Stein chiropractic Relay For Life team is having our annual bake sale at the hospital Friday morning the 29th. If you've been to it before you know how good they can bake. Fill your freeze + 128 more characters
Just a thought, How about some themes people can have fun with and make colorful. Just wishful thinking I guess.
How do you know what some things are? I wish they could write on the bags. I have no idea what fresh herbs we got last time. Would be nice to know.
Is there some reason there is only one pickup spot? I thought there were two sights in Miles City.
What exactly are you saying? I'm a horder?
I live in the valley. We have 7 rescued dogs. We have a large fenced in area with dog doors. My dogs know what shut the hell up means. We do not allow any barking at night. They can be trained. A nois + 213 more characters
Karla knock it off. You are representing our group CCFA. Don't get caught up in these stupid posts. Use your head girl.
Baker is having one soon. Don't know when though.
MCFund for Animals will be outside of Discovery Pond With a hot cup of soup. I can taste it already.
If someone knows the dog is hanging around Please let me know. I'll let you have reward, I'm just interested in finding and reuniting.
Saints & Sinner's Relay team has joined with Schwan's for a truck load sale. On September 10, 2011, the Schwan's truck will be in the "ACE" parking lot for you pick up your order. You must pre-order. + 962 more characters
Relay Friday 12 years ago
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Even if you are not on a team, plan to come out to the MCC track around 4:30. Ther will be great music, great dance groups, great food, and great items for sale. If nothing else, make it Relay for din + 53 more characters
Also buy lunch. All proceeds go to Relay.
Muriel is the mom of my favorite daschounds. I'm honored that she allows me to pet sit for her. She's a wonderful person.
I have a lot of hoses you could have.Need to come with pickup and haul all away. 234-7931
Pretty old news. This article came out when he was first hired. Get a life.
Don't forget to bring your lawn chair.
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