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From the M.C. Municipal Ordinances Sec. 4-31. - Barking or howling dogs; impoundment of barking or howling dogs. No person shall keep, feed, possess or allow to stay about the premises of such person + 393 more characters
No Jerry, that's false. No Antifa members took part. url
I'll take the odds of five days either side of March 21. My reasoning - she's going to take a while to figure out there is no more money, plus she's still working on how to spell 'be best.'. It's like + 23 more characters
Here ya go Jerry. Assuming you can read, or look at pictures, this is everything you need to know about Keystone XL. It is Alberta oil. The line originates in the tar sands of northern Alberta. url
Whomever he pardons loses their Fifth Amendment protections. They could therefore have to testify without immunity in cases that could implicate #45. Tricky business on who to pardon.
Your statement is a biased opinion. It is not supported by the facts and studies that refute your claim. For instance if I say: I have watched TBN and it is the best science channel I have ever seen + 108 more characters
Correct. However, the Fairness Doctrine, introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a m + 479 more characters
It's not the 'democratic' party. It's the democrat party. Democratic is what the combination of elected officials from both parties represent and swear to uphold; the democratic values of the republi + 954 more characters
They actually have. I guess it's up to the individual whether to watch it or not.
He might be walking back to MC. I heard some folks weren't allowed onto airplanes after the coup attempt.
Taco Bell Crunch Wraps are the least on parler they are.
"I was kidnapped at gunpoint out the back door of the Range Riders Bar, March 12, 1985." That might explain everything. Have your therapist focus on this.
You left out: Putin has him by the financial balls, and whatever other dirt he has on the Don. Cadet Bonespurs is well aware that the KGB is very adept at poisoning those they deem necessary of treatm + 22 more characters
I really enjoyed classes with George. He always had a twinkle in his eye like he knew some big secret and he was letting you in on it. RIP sir.
Unfortunately DeJoy is likely to stick around. url
Trump - 308 times golfing - 4 years Obama - 333 times golfing - 8 years url Orange twitler has golfed 25% of his Presidency. So he's golfed 1 year for the 4 he's been in office. You can look this up y + 10 more characters
"your so much more advanced then us peasants." Apparently so. you're - not your than - not then And you are the one calling yourself a peasant. Seems to support the prevailing belief.
It's pretty easy to find out how Biden made his money. If you can't do this then your comments about his fortune are moot. In short - he earned it. And criminal activity - the Cambridge Analytica whis + 592 more characters
Ya. I posted this to show just how much fake news is pushed by the lamestream libtard media outlets. Come on Proudboys and MAGA men and women. Let fill those Defense Fund collection plates to the brim + 1 more characters
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