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Ya. I posted this to show just how much fake news is pushed by the lamestream libtard media outlets. Come on Proudboys and MAGA men and women. Let fill those Defense Fund collection plates to the brim + 1 more characters
From Robert Reich "The Trump campaign has been bombarding supporters with fundraising emails and texts, directing them to an “Official Election Defense Fund” that supposedly finances the campaign’s la + 467 more characters
Ya, raccoons really love those.
Here is a good addition to your story. url
I think the average would be higher if you include women under 18.
Here ya go bright boy. If you use anything on this list then you are participating in socialism. Welcome to communist America. url
No you had the option to be in the program or not. Socialism is when they take your property or business away and then it's run by the government. Now they did bail out the auto maker's . Ford didn't + 205 more characters
Um, 'socialism' would be (is) bailing out the farmer with taxpayer money. Do you have a problem with that?
September 15, 2020 And in the news today - Covid19 rates skyrocket in all 50 states after Sturgis Rally. 2 million deaths expected.
He's shaped more like the AMC Pacer.
It's good, but it's not unusual.
Chuckie, um, nope. Those 23,000 plus Americans who have already died would not share your sentiment. Especially when the White House knew about it as early as mid December 2019, and possibly before. A + 795 more characters
I dunno Hanson, that's an awful lot of correctly spelled words and punctuated sentences for #45 disciples to try to get through.
It gets really awesome reviews.
Kelly’s Gas Lite was the first club in Miles that I sneaked into to hear the band. I had met the guitarists outside the back door after they had set up earlier in the day, and they invited me back to + 211 more characters
That's cool!
Thanks for reminding me that I'm living in the Twilight Zone.
I could try with all my might for the rest of my life, and still never even come close to that kind of crazy. (I'm not going to give up though )
The Southern Democrats are what became the Republican party. Southern Democrats are certainly not left leaning. You might want to do some research.
No - they really are bad.
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