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In my hometown in Pennsylvania, the YMCA has a daycare. The YMCA is right on Main Street and the caregivers take the children to the museum and library and other places in town. They have been using t + 228 more characters
Yup, that was the problem. I was too lazy to walk the 150 feet to my polling place. Thanks for the condescension.
Yeah, I didn't participate. I didn't want the participation trophy (or the sticker that all those who didn't get one were throwing a hissy fit about). I feel no need to vote in elections any longer. I + 268 more characters
This messageboard has proven time and time again that it is just a microcosm of the reason why Trump won and Mrs. Clinton lost. Neither you, the Democrat Party, nor Mrs. Clinton should be so condescen + 1870 more characters
What is the deal with the big white house at 2116 Main Street? I see it is on the market....for $135,000. Sure it needs a bunch of work, but what else is wrong with it? Is it haunted? Was there a murd + 116 more characters
Roller Derby is HUGE back east right now. Little towns all over the place are starting up teams. Modern roller derby is not the banked track of yore, but flat track. Women from all walks of life are t + 216 more characters
How many flumes were there? We never had anything like this back East. I did a Google map search and followed the canal clear back to 12 Mile Dam. It appears there are two of the old ones like you hav + 51 more characters
This was through Noon today. url
Huh. They must have finally starved to death!
I was just thinking about the idea of what a prepper is. You nailed it in your reply. I think there are many "catagories" of people who could be preppers. Yes, there are those who focus on the militar + 1000 more characters
Hal, I am not into the whole prepper thing, but I can see how the idea is something that many people have and will flock to. I like post-apocalyptic sci-fi novels and movies like The Postman, the Road + 1649 more characters
I was under the impression it was for the horses, but if it was for the Museum then that was fine with me too.
There was a brunch / meet and greet with the artists that are currently on display at the Water Works Museum and the "Steel Sentinels" artist. The main focus of this brunch was as a fundraiser to try + 207 more characters
This is my first major weather event here in Miles City. For a low lying river town, I think Miles City faired pretty well from the flooding I have seen. I have witnessed two other major flooding even + 601 more characters
Are they doing controlled burns down near Kinsey tonight? We were coming west on I-94 and saw the long line of flames just before we came up the hill by the Valley Drive Access exit. It looked pretty + 17 more characters
I love how the talking heads all have an opinion about the government managemment of the lands in Nevada, but they obviously either do not look into what goes on in Nevada or wish to keep the public b + 5502 more characters
Today they are called weigh stations or check stations. Some States still have Port of Entry, usually enforced by the State Police (Patrol). Seeing as how one of the original purposes of a federal gov + 116 more characters
"Once you become a socialist nation" Oh, you mean like back in 1932 when the whole world became socialist. The US became a socialist nation in 1932 under FDR. We still are today. Ours is just under th + 51 more characters
When you are given three opportunities to correctly do as the police ask to to do and don't accept any of those opportunities, it's kind of like just saying "shoot me." Here is the full 28 minute vide + 3 more characters
The BLM was directed by Congress, your elected representatives at the national level, to place some of our land up for sale. How can they do this? Because ranchers and miners want to own more of OUR l + 1493 more characters
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