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I'm sorry, who has ever disputed Gravity? And where in religion does it say there isnt water on another planet.
They asked, " Who told you that?" To which I replied, "No, Who was too busy running bases to weigh in on the discussion."
I'll just say, some Juan said it was ok
What an unsightly blemish amongst all those signs. Seriously has this had any major affect on anybodys lives or as usual was this much ado about nothing.
not connected to the ronning assault whatsoever. different nights
Maybe no one else knows, but the driver certainly knows. You dont hit someone that hard enough to kill them without knowing.
this just keeps getting juicier, Im gonna need more popcorn
I know the century link people have told me that sometime within the year they will be running cables to increase speeds.
100 years is a very small sample of time in regards to temperature change
The problem with your theory about the market is that it will only bare this for so long. Many people will be forced to leave this town because of outrageous prices, the town will have a hard time sus + 272 more characters
My mother Janet Loomis might be able to do this, and she owns a quilting shop so she can get the exact faric, her number in 635-5606
I'm assuming your talking about the mountain lion by the dike, but i had to chuckle because anybody who didn't catch that you said dam nt damn probably just assumed you were ranting about some cat.
All of our bagels are made fresh in house and boiled in honey water. Selection does vary but far and away savory bagels have been more popular than sweet, although I do have a strawberry cream cheese + 58 more characters
The causes of his infection are unknown, but he got his tattoo months before the infection and the doctor said it is unlikely that the tattoo was the cause
Lost Ipod 9 years ago
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I found a white Ipod on the street outside of the Main Street Grind on Wednesday 8-7-13. It appears to have been run over and the screen is unusable but with a new $20 screen might work again. If this + 61 more characters
I highly doubt that the person playing the list created this himself. They were hits for a reason back in the 90's and not every song is gonna appeal to every listener. And i think its ironic that peo + 155 more characters
My name is Jeremy Loomis, and I am the new Store Manager of the Main Street Grind. I would first like to say thank you for all of the compliments by everyone on this forum. I would also like to apolgi + 623 more characters
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