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Hers is a link to a story about loud booms like the ones reported here. url
If there are any stores open I'm sure they would rather be home with their families.
I know I have bumped few of my posts up because of it getting buried. then 5 mins after posting someone else is looking for the same item.
entrapment: In criminal law, entrapment is conduct by a law enforcement agent inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would otherwise have been unlikely to commit.[1] How is that entrap + 61 more characters
Just glad it happened outside of Plevna and not in.
I believe you might be able to rent a large sander from Ace for floors.
It looks to be south of us and moving east.
If anyone witnesses someone taking my kid feel free to overreact and shoot them.
My use of coloreds was sarcasm. I'm surprised that someone with 20 friends would say clolored.
If my child was scared of how this girl looks I would take them over and meet her. Show them she is a person like anyone else. Teach your child some people are different and it is ok. I bet you also d + 55 more characters
It was a solar flare. I am in my bunker now, glad we still have the internet. Also heard a crane hit a power line by Forsyth.
No, it was just the 2 pups. They also had black on their tails, if that helps. They came from the Lincoln School area towards 300 block of Center street.
There is is 2 red pups running around Pearl and Center.
If you are laid off wouldn't you still have to pay rent?
I do some recycling and would be willing to take the computer for you.
DQ used to have an aerial picture on the wall of a flodd from the 50's.
I would be glad to haul away unwanted items.
I believe there is a cyber harrassment law. Also if he texts you save them also. The judge likes you to have everything in order when you go see him.
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