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I was a participant in a few of those tournaments in the early 80's. At that time teams were Ekalaka, Plevna, Wibaux, Terry, Jordan, Rosebud, Pine Hills, Hysham, and Busby. St Labre was never in the c + 128 more characters
Poor Pluto - left out again. #planetwithaninferioritycomplex Actually very cool.
Interesting statistical anomaly in 1999. Cowboys lost 62 - 0, but won in the adjoining years and quite handily in 2000. Anyone remember what was up in 1999?
Thanks for the replies. Learned something new on that one.
Great game for the Cowboys tonight beating Hardin 42 - 7. JV's played the whole second half. Question for someone who knows the rules better than I. On one of the Cowboys' kickoffs the ball went in be + 329 more characters
Burning between the BN and Milwaukee tracks about 1/2 mile north of the intersection of Valley Drive and HW 12.
Wish I could take credit for it Gunnar, but alas I cannot. It's even come up on before. url
Anyone want to go fish in Ekalaka Lake this week?
Thanks for the replies. Mid Rivers tech guy installed a new router and we are back to surfing.
This afternoon a new network showed up on my Wi-Fi list about the same time my network disappeared. The new network is named Motorola -4b7e7. I can't connect to the new network, and my old one has cea + 170 more characters
Google street view? Sure it wasn't this bad boy? My nephew got a picture of it in Broadus the other night.
Suppose it needs to be a big toe or would a pinky toe work? I do suppose the pinky toe would be much more easily consumed and would detract somewhat from the whole visual effect.
Just pondering the messages that a Wi-Fi fridge might send me. "Dude, can you get your kids to stop standing there with the door open looking for a snack." "WTF, leftover cooked carrots, I know those + 223 more characters
Anyone know of a clock repair person in the area. My mom has a mantel clock she would like to have repaired. Thank you
Frank Hardy buying a ticket to your show = kiss of death Do you wear a black robe and take your scythe to the show? Great post as always Frank.
Anyone want to join their child for lunch at school today? I see the menu includes "miced fruit". Suppose the little guys are sliced or whole?
Dr. Hilleman was profiled in the most recent Mountains and Minds magazine from MSU. A link to the article follows. url
I would think they probably need a certain number of all age groups, so if your age group is full when they call you, then there is no need to go any further.
The polling is conducted by a Washington DC research firm, Mason-Dixon Polling and Research. url One would assume their 625 respondents are chosen via some random selection protocol across the state. + 130 more characters
Gunnar As of last year, I have become an Orediggers fan because of Pat Hansen. Nice to see someone from your hometown tearin it up. Pat's a great kid and will do the Tech program proud.
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