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Patty Kluver, a Rosebud County rancher, poet and historian, researched Nathan Short's history and helped locate the marker seen on the county road mentioned at the beginning of this thread. I believe + 200 more characters
A 90+ year-old retired social worker, Army Captain nurse, and author who lives in Folsom, CA writes some powerful thoughts about today's youth and the killings. She received a letter from one of her " + 778 more characters
I just caught wind of this discussion this evening. So sorry the article on eBay was sold before I got to review it closely. The Hugh Boyle Incident has been frequently written, but never written acc + 478 more characters
Russell Rowland, acclaimed Montana author, will be conducting a series of seven monthly writing workshops at Miles Community College, targeting both aspiring and proficient writers who want to hone th + 1103 more characters
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