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I am currently working on my coffee table book showcasing all the Walmarts across the nation. The chapter I am working on now are the Walmarts in Williston and Minot. On my next trip to the Cowtown I + 31 more characters
Does anyone know how to contact Craig Ramage? Thanks
Mr. Bender had the paddle hanging in his office. I remember seeing it one time.
1st Grade Mrs. Keating - very nice 2nd Grade Mrs. Peterson - see above 3rd Grade I believe her name was Miss Wolterman?? - and she was my favorite 4th Grade Mr. Richardson - he was always giving me de + 254 more characters
ok, Is anyone that knows me going to there?
Cleaning the grease trap at Hardee's on New Years Day after a big night of celebrating New Year's Eve.
I might be making a return appearance this year for the Bucking Horse Sale. What are the dates?
Is there a disussion group for asking where people are now? Thanks
The worst part was when they cut Carbon Hill in half so they could put the freeway through.
Happy New Year!
I am sorry to hear about Larice, what happened?
I remember the 1340 club.
PW in town 18 years ago
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Paul Wallick will be in the Cow town on Aug 19 and 20th on the way to Yellowstone Park.
Bart has been kind of quiet in these discussions...
We crashed the gate doing almost 8, I said let them trikers roll, 10-4.
I did want to confirm receipt of Bart's email. I am glad to hear that Bart is providing guidance to our youth.
Just so I know, what does Bart do?
Be nice to Bart, he worked very hard in school...
I remember being in the third grade spelling bee, the year must have been about 1970. I actually won my class! I think I spelled friend for the victory, then lost in the school championship...I missed + 213 more characters
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