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It is very cool to see Handran enjoy success. In Div. I baseball, the Friday night starter is a big deal. Rick Bishop
Mariner fans are very fickle. Bavassi has built the farm system to the extent that he is now able to make trades without mortgaging the future. Adam Jones could be an absolute stud, but the Mariners w + 2227 more characters
Beale Street was pretty amazing--I think there were 30+ jazz bands playing. Kind of like the Bucking Horse, without bucking horses. Memphis was pretty unique.
My favorite line from TK's source...."Noting the violence that almost invariably attended King's supposedly "non-violent" marches, Sullivan's probe revealed a very different King from the carefully cr + 627 more characters
That squishy kid must have been tooting an awful lot---we just assumed it was body odor.
If it is similar to the Montana Highway Patrol Association, the officers elect to pay dues or membership fees. It is a private organization.
Deer Slayer---Let me get this straight...You are counting on the criminal activity of a handful of Griz players to motivate the rest of the team to play well? I think you are grasping at straws. You + 322 more characters
Hi Mike Zier! It sounds to me like the families of the troopers chose to have their loved one memorialized--which is legal under Utah state law. The law did not reference a religion or fund the monum + 395 more characters
Thanks, Slosh, for the updates on the Star website. Rick Bishop
Blaming religion is envogue, but simplistic. Power, fear, envy and hate corrupts--not religion. When people try to justify immoral actions by envoking a religion, it does not mean that person is mora + 665 more characters
Bob--I can't believe you are up in arms over Bob Horner, one of a select few to never play in the minor leagues, and are letting Rick Camp slide into the Hall.
I was at a Twins/Mariners game in 1999 and Edgar, A-Rod, and Griffey hit 8 homeruns between them in the Kingdome. It was awesome. This weekend, Griffey hinted that he would like to finish his caeer i + 1602 more characters
Tom--Slammin Sammy for the hall? He has to be a lock. Top 5 for homeruns means something. I wonder how many people will pass him before he is Hall eligible, though? Sammy does get serious deductions f + 715 more characters
I watched Oregon State earlier this year, and came away very unimpressed. At the time, they were in 5th place in the PAC-10. They lost the Friday night game vs. Washington in a fairly convincing manne + 136 more characters
Brian, As someone just a few years older than you, I disagree with your statement that baseball was an elitist sport. When I played baseball in the early 1990's, players off our teams were from a var + 757 more characters
Jeff,thanks for the brief scouting report. But I have one last question, who in their right mind would want to watch a Pirates game? Surely, there must be some better baseball played in one of those n + 59 more characters
Brabant--instead of bumping us for the sake of bumping us, tell me what you have learned from your phone calls? How does Longview measure up?
Slosh--I know I am just as stoked as you are. It is hard for me to get my work done, this is so exciting. Looking at match-ups, I kind of like who they are playing. Des Moines Area Community College, + 567 more characters
Slosh--Thank god for frequent flyer miles. I'll be there late Friday night and will have to fly back on Monday. It will be awfully hard to leave if they are 2-0 at that point. Rick Bishop
Congrats to the Pioneers! The games this weekend were intense. It is sooooo nice to be on the winning side of the scoreboard in these match-ups. Congrats to the players, coaches (and their wives), par + 61 more characters
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