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A better interpretation on Custer is A Terrible Glory by Donovan. As with most history, the survivors are tasked with creating a narrative to satisfy their own interests.
It's been a little while since I researched it but but I believe the original Crow Agency was located around Fishtail or Absarokee, MT. The original reservation went from there to Hysham, MT and south + 210 more characters
To insinuate Miles was twice the man of Roosevelt is pretty far fetched when you look at the facts of both men's lives. Teddy accomplished a great deal in his lifetime. One account that shows the cha + 831 more characters
As a collector and admirer of Huffman, be sure to inspect before you buy. Prices vary by hundreds of dollars based on year produced, type, and condition.
The sad part of this story is that this information was well known before the election in 2010 and MT voters lined up to reelect him to a 6th term. One of my favorite Rehberg stories is how he cost a + 702 more characters
I've read Ron Paul does not like that the Federal Government jumped into the health care business in the 60s through Medicare and Medicaid but recognizes many elderly and poor rely exclusively on thes + 198 more characters
Richard, I respect your opinion but disagree that the fiat money system and the ability to print currency at will empirically proves the current monetary policy is any better than the gold standard we + 478 more characters
I believe Ron Paul is as much a racist as Mitt Romney hates the very mention of poor people (google it Amorette and you'll be reading about how Romney hates poor people all night long). My interpreta + 2223 more characters
I also believe A Terrible Glory by Donovan to be a good read of GAC, men around him, and the politics of the time.
Having taxpayer dollars bail out investment banks that took significant risks in premeditated lending practices is ridiculous, regardless of the economic consequences. Keep in mind, these are the same + 761 more characters
Take a look at where your candidates stand on key issues before you cast your vote. Voicing your opinion regarding the two presidential nominees or any other city, state, or national political candida + 787 more characters
I think the following link can offer some fair and balance light on the subject. Make sure you have shockwave. url
Thank you for the offer, but I will have to decline. Enjoy your holidays. Jordan
Thank you. I appreciate it. Jordan
Amorette, Thank you for your reply. The reason that I am inquiring is because I've stumbled upon a skeleton key that looks considerably old. It has about a 3 or 4 inch brass nameplate labeled Milligan + 280 more characters
I am inquiring if anyone has any knowledge of a Milligan House preceding the Milligan Hotel, or if they are in fact are the same place, used by two different names over the years. Any knowledge would + 41 more characters
Hello, I'm sorry to say that I don't know anything regarding your grandmother, but I do have a great picture depicting a steamboat that ran supplies from Glendive. I would have to check the name of th + 309 more characters
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