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No accountability is condoned and perpetuated even while 6,000 catholics signed a petition to prevent Cardinal Mahoney's attendance and voting privilege at the papal conclave to elect the new pope. I + 275 more characters
Tucker, If the counselor has LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor)behind their name they are fully aware of it as ethics plays a large role in whether they are licensed. A Bachelor's level i + 148 more characters
To ward off further rants, let's clarify the definition of a church mouse. It is a fictional character created by Lewis Carroll. The context for my use is meant that you can hear its scampering about + 58 more characters
Tucker, At least when you rant, you have worthy topics to bring to the table. Do it more often! The following is a link to the ACA Code of Ethics - American Counseling Association which might come in + 1155 more characters
Matt, agreed that the pope made the right decision in resigning. He did say he would do so if he felt he could no longer perform to the best of his abilities. As for young ideas, it was tolerated by + 2487 more characters
Judge Day passed away last night at his home. The community has lost a compassionate and caring man. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Kelly, I suspect we share a common passionate cause. Sadly, the issue you address is not confined to the recent papal administration. See link: url I also recommend the recent (within past two weeks + 112 more characters
RIP "flatts." Star, very very kind of you to notify the community so the owners of the little creature may come to know what happened to their pet.The unknown in situations like this is so hard, espe + 55 more characters
Expired plates are expired plates. The officer was doing his job. Perhaps you need to take responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming someone else. You knew they were due as the rest of u + 43 more characters
Condolences to you and your family, Diane. Dana was a great guy and will be missed. Hang in there!
Mr. Craddock, I appreciate your very well-written post! I think it put some who do not have their facts straight, mmm, to sleep? Let's hope so.
Do you think Mayor Joe will let me borrow his two sheep to eat my grass so I can eliminate the mowing? Now, that is going green! No, I do not intend to house two of my own sheep. I am hoping the Mayor + 25 more characters
I watched a recent documentary on the gulf oil spill. It stated the amount of oil leaking from the pipe is equivalent to 70 barrels of oil per day and the entire spill to date is the equivalent to fou + 55 more characters
Seconded! Dr. Kovacs is great!
Kaddy, More thoughts! Do you plan on having anyone from the mental health center? I know they work with veterans and mental health outreach is particularly important with so many soldiers returning, a + 316 more characters
Kaddy, Do you plan on having the VA mental health outreach counselor attend? Ed Elhard is the therapist out of Billings who brings the van around eastern Montana to meet with veterans experiencing men + 208 more characters
Kaddy, I think that is terrific...few realize that many of our homeless folks are veterans, and likely Vietnam veterans. That's positively shameful. I intend to put this on my schedule as I am involve + 79 more characters
A wise person once told me that if we reflect on our own sins we would not have time to reflect on another!
Chatter is good... John 3:17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.
More creative fodder for patisms... url url
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