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Wow Glorianna I am impressed!! They opened for Taylor Swift on her first tour... Miles is moving up!!
I got Shingles when I was 38 so not just the elderly can get it. Also if you think you have them get to a Dr. quickly I waited until it had covered the right side of my body all across my bra line and + 78 more characters
On my way to work in Seattle this was on the reader boards. Good to know that it really does goes everywhere that they possible could have gone..
Great White and Whitesnake, Megadeth, Monster Magnet and Sevendust!!
We actually have one.. There is a dealer up here near Mt. Vernon. They are a very comfortable ride. Lots of room (for a bike) and great for long road trips. I was a little intimidated by a 2 wheel so + 93 more characters
Says it is going to be 67 here in Seattle tomorrow.
I work in customer service myself. Maybe it is bad but when I am in line or I hear someone go off on a person because of a situation that isn't their fault, it could be a price of something or a mecha + 326 more characters
It was Jeff Wyman who was shot and burned by his uncle in Kinsey. It was on 10/21/95. His brother and mother didn't make it but his dad and sister did. I think she still lives on Atlantic across from + 678 more characters
I just think it is cool that the movies there now are current. I remember being way younger and Dirty Dancing was out on video before it hit the Montana!!
They fixed it and said they would not be honoring the 9.99 price. Was on Yahoo this morning.
Wondering if there is anyone who does D&D we will be in Miles the 4th weekend of July and my son runs a quest here in WA I am sure he would much rather hang out at the gaming store than do boring stuf + 127 more characters
RE: Ick! 14 years ago
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LOL Mayor Five Pennies I like that Kyle and very fitting!!!
RE: Ick! 14 years ago
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81 here in downtown Seattle!! But I will not complain it is so rare that we can take out the Harley or the boat and not get rained on so Bring it on!!!
Okay good I was getting ready to call my eye doctor for a new appointment!! Thought I was losing my mind.
His wife admited to writing it. She sould have to do the time.
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Yeah but it just isn't the same as when I first moved up here 10 years ago and all you could see for miles and miles were the fields of flowers. Now you have the one area around La Conner but they use + 45 more characters
Reba Willie Nelson (got to drive his golf cart in AZ) Brook & Dunn Alan Jackson Kurt Cobain Courtney Love Axel Rose Anthony Keites Flea Chris Cornell Stone Gossart Eddie Vetter Duran Duran Metal Churc + 867 more characters
Kayce, Thank you for stating that she isn't a wanna-be. I saw that post and didn't know how to word and you hit it on the head. Good job. I was also able to meet her at a fan show at the local radio s + 82 more characters
Lived in MC from 73-89. The day after graduation I moved to Phoenix. Lived there from 89-95 where we were robbed at gun point and so I decided a small town isn't that bad. Moved back to MC and left ag + 154 more characters
The Pius's were great people. I remember when we moved in across the street from them on Cottage and they came over and introduced themselves and brought fresh vegetables from thier garden. You sure d + 58 more characters
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